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  1. Honestly I don't think It's the software's problem. I've flashed ArHD, Virtuous, TripNMIUI, TripNNice, all came up with the same line, It appears to be a hardware problem, either it could be caused by pressure on the screen causing it to crack, or the connector is loose in some way. Either way, I cant catch the main culprit for this problem..
  2. It seems like I'm having that problem too, I am unable to find a solution for that problem yet. Try contacting HTC?
  3. Still trip, i'm unable to download the files on rapidshare, the same error... anyone help?
  4. I tried it once at a time still i'm having that same problem man, got my TrupNMiUI stuck at the 006, wanting to flash the newer versions but was never able to download em
  5. hey trip, no offence but do you have mirrors to your downloads? RapidShare just dont work for me, the error "Download not Available" for me.
  6. I can second that, i'm actually trying different ways to get my battery to last a day, so far, i failed
  7. Currently i'm just having problems with titanium Backup. Just reflashed the rom from 06 to 072 and i lost every setting and app. Any idea on which backup app is working?
  8. wanted to buy those recently, but was unable to do so due to it being unable to ship to my country :( damn a waste
  9. Currently on TripNMiUI. :)

  10. Honestly, though i'm new to this, i think we need a better camera for this. I cant seem to zoom & its lacking Sensation's "Instant Capture" which was a pretty big selling point.
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