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  1. Hi all, I am using OCk Titanium Premium. Just one question. How to make S2u2 work on it? What ever i do when i press end key it turns on system lock not S2U2. If i start s2u2 manually when someone calls me i get old incoming phone skin (small buttons at the bottom of the screen). Any idea how to make s2u2 working and incoming call from s2u2 to replace that old skin? Tnx in advance
  2. Borna_bkpdata

    HTC Dialer

    Hi mentycz, not sure how much work does it take. I am willing to do graphics if someone can confirm that it is all what it takes? Regards
  3. Borna_bkpdata

    Overlook: CyanoGen Skin

    Tnx for quick answer. I totally forgot about AEBplus. Working really good now. . Omnia i900 here, rejecting call when someone call with end key still works after remaping it. Tnx once again, keep up good work. Borna from Croatia
  4. Hi jumper, good work, really nice. One question, do You know how i could replace ms dialer? With something more finger friendly? Beside good looking Today screen I would really love to replace old and ugly msdialer which is popingup everytime someone calls me:( Edit: nm, i figure it out. tnx
  5. Borna_bkpdata

    Overlook: CyanoGen Skin

    Hi, really nice work. Just one question, every time when i press end key i close overlook. Can it be set not to close overlook? Tnx in advance
  6. Borna_bkpdata

    Yonn i900 ROMs

    Update: found solution, didn't check all 111 pages before asking :( Hello everyone, i am currently using Yonn's SPB droid. All working good. Just one question. How can I set that phone icon at the bottom of the screen( take a look at pic if not sure which icon i am thinking of) open SPB contact not favorite as it is now? Tnx in Advance!

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