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  1. Ok, I'll be waiting for your next ROM then!!! Cheers, Amaya
  2. Cibeles

    [6 Nov] GTalk w/Video

    Hi Gay! Any updates on gtalk video issues? Still having the same problem with incoming calls... Thanks again for your amazing work! Amaya
  3. Hi Gary, I've been traveling around for some time, so I've been quite disconnected from this, and I was wondering, are you planning to do an ICS ROM? I've heard the official one will come in two weeks time!! Thanks again for your amazing work! Amaya
  4. Cibeles

    [6 Nov] GTalk w/Video

    Hi Gary, last update on this software: 1. As said before, if I start the conversation, it all works fine 2. If someone calls me and I'm in home screen or the gmail contacts screen, I don't even get the incoming call notification, nothing, no way I know someone is trying to call me. 3. (this is the new one) If someone calls me and I'm in the chat room with that someone, then I get the notification and I can accept / decline the call and it all works. A friend of mine who is using also your KJ3 ROM + first Gtalk file you've posted (same config than me) is having the exact same issue. This is making the software pretty unusable as I can not receive calls unless I'm waiting for that person to call me. Thanks again for all your time and help, this is much appreciated. Cheers, Amaya
  5. Thanks Gary for your explanation, as well as for your awesome job, I'll update your ROM anyway. If you need me to test any other thing in regards Gtalk AV (or whatever) I'll be happy to do it :) Cheers, Amaya
  6. Thanks Gary, I'm thinking about trying your new ROM, but looking at the post, I can see no enhancements between both, what are main ones? Another issue I'm having with my car bluetooth (I really don't know if this is related or not to your ROM but to Samsung's one): - The "Hello Galaxy" wake up voice command does not ever work (worked with Samsung's stock ROM) - Using the steering wheel buttons (make call, hung up) ain't work either (always worked with my old Nokia as with Samsung's stock ROM - When playing a song, steering wheel buttons "next" and "prev" does not work with stock music app nor Music Pro, but it does work with Double Twist. And still having the issue with Gtalk AV. Thanks again for your time and help and your awesome job!
  7. Hi Gary, I've just seen you've posted a new ROM today, does this include GTalk AV? if not, may I use the zip you posted a couple of days ago with it? and if not, do you have any plans to include Gtalk AV in any of your current / future ROMs? Thanks Amaya
  8. Thanks Lance, that solved my doubt, I think I'll delete it, as I reckon I really don't need it :D
  9. Yes, actually if I untick USB debugging I get MTP again, but I'm sure this wasn't happening before, as I usually have this unticked.
  10. Well this is working now, I'm telling you what I've done: After many flashes, wipes before and after flashing, as I was tired, one of the times, when prompted to set up google account (just when mobile boots for the first time) I've skipped it and with no account configured, I plugged my USB and it all worked. Done this again, but configuring the account (then it says maintain your device backed up with google) and I did it, when finished, I even got my wallpaper back as well as the MTP thing. So, I did it again skipping the google account thing. It all worked back. So I've configured my account after my mobile has booted up, by using Settings --> accounts (then you're not prompted to back up your data from google) and it is working now... weird. However, Gtalk AV continues to show the same behaviour. Hope this helps.
  11. I'm gonna flash it again, will wipe everything and do back up only of my apps and no sys data. In the meantime, I'm posting here snapshots form: 1. When connecting the device and not going to USB mass storage connection, that is, what my Fedora sees when I plug it, doing nothing on my Android 2. When I chose to connect it going to settings --> wireless connections --> USB --> mass storage
  12. Cibeles

    [6 Nov] GTalk w/Video

    Good evening, Gary, same issue. I'm trying to call me from gtalk on an iMac to my android and viceversa, the first one does not work, the second works fine. I'm trying to get a friend to call me from his android to see if we still have the same issue. Best, Amaya
  13. Also tried Win7 and happens the same, will also use your new ROM when you've got it, will that include Gtalk AV too? I've modified last post to include an screenshot. Same thing on with my iMac... When I flash your ROM I wipe all caches twice and then flash, nothing else, am I missing something important? Funny cause this is the only weird issue I'm experiencing... Sorry to bother with this, but it was a very useful tweak to be able to connect / disconnect from the notification bar, no need to go to settings menu. Also adding an screenshot from the moment it gets connected. For the record, when I plug it (on my Fedora) my laptop sees the mobile, actually 3 items as a Samsung device, and thows an error stating that my OS is unable to lock the device. When you explore the folders in Linux, you see all of them empty. You've got to go to settings --> wireless connections --> USB --> connect USB storage to actually see only 2 devices (sd internal and external) as mass storage devices and when you can actually use it. Hope this helps. Many thanks in advance for all your time and help. Best, Amaya
  14. Hi Gary, I'm experiencing a weird issue when connecting USB... Before I was running modaco Gr5 android 2.3.4 and when I connected my USB I could read messages like "conecting USB" and "USB connected" then I pulled down notification bar and tapped on "USB connected" and got the screen with the green android and could tap on button "Connect USB storage". Now I get something like "Connecting MTP" and "MTP connected" when I tap there, I get nothing, then I need to go to Settings, Wireless connections, USB and then connect USB storage. When I flash my device with your ROM I double erase every cache (double check on Davlik) and it all works ok, but I get this issue... For the record, I'm using Fedora 14 on my laptop. I'm attaching an screenshot from my mobile when connecting USB. Best, Amaya
  15. Cibeles

    [6 Nov] GTalk w/Video

    Hi Gary, ok, shall I run first your uninstall and then install tihs one, right? Best, Amaya

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