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  1. This ROM is killer! using the vanilla l2sd. Just a quick question about custom ROMS in general - is there a possibility for your personal stuff (passwords) to get stolen???
  2. can someone please give me steps on how to use this ADT?
  3. okay so i deleted the 2.3.4 files and pasted the 2.3.5 bin file in the acer_ug now im stuck at a black screen with it saying image checksum boot: size=3346432 recovery: size 3592192 ................. edit - nvm got it to work. where can ifind how to actaully use the acer download tool? or can someone teach me? OR how come i can't get into SD download mode with vol down + camera + power button anymore??? PROBLEM SOLVED NEVERMIND
  4. sorry about the noob question but is there a specific way to upgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5?? do i just delete acer_ug folder from sd card then paste the new acer_ug (containing 2.3.5) then reboot by camera + vol- + power button?? Can someone please give me the steps if possible? thanks.
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