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  1. Flashed but to no avail. Tried both 1% and 5% battery steps but neither made a difference. Have installed 4.00.13 firmware to see if that made a difference but nothing.
  2. For a few months now I have had no luck with the auto rotate on my MT. I have auto rotate selected in settings but it will not rotate when in apps that support it (eg. Facebook or ChompSMS) It will very rarely rotate and when it does it will immediately revert back to portrait. Apps that force landscape will still work however. I have MIUI 2.3.2 installed over 4.000.07 firmware. I have tried CM9 and t&l but it will not rotate in those either. Help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Yes but I'm referring to the apps themselves. They do not rotate when I turn the phone landscape. They occasionally do rotate but then immediately switch back to portrait.
  4. Is anyone else having problems with auto-rotate? Mine will very occasionally rotate when using the browser or facebook but generally does not work. Is this just me or is this a common problem for this miui port? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I am running t&l 2.3.5 and I have noticed that my screen will not rotate when using apps. Apps that run in native landscape work fine but all others will not switch between landscape and portrait. Auto-rotate is switched on. Any reason why it would not be functioning properly?
  6. What apk do I replace to get the stock settings icons?
  7. I am using t&l 2.3.4 with davidevinavil's 2.3.5 mid voltage OC kernel. Everything works fine but the camera. Every time I attempt to open it, it force closes straight away. The camera does actually work because I am able to take one picture using Google Goggles before that force closes. I assume it is the kernel that is causing the problem, and i'm aware that updating to a 2.3.5 rom would be the easiest solution but i'm quite fond of this rom. Would anyone be able to provide any information on what could be causing the problem and any way of fixing it? Help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Just a heads up to everyone: It is possible to use this rom with this overclocked kernel
  9. I've been trying to use to install the Ad2sd-On script in gscript lite but its keeps saying 'apps2sd: not found'. Is there something i have to do before installing the script? Because my internal memory is ridiculously low.
  10. lgcmn, any chance of a 2.3.5 t&l with OC, seeing as kernal source is available?
  11. Ok got it running now, except the controls are too big. I cant even see the aim button. Itpitt you should try searching Gameloft hd games on the mobilephonetalk forum. Twingo has a collection.
  12. Could it be possible that the framecap is preventing it from working?
  13. Yeah mine would freeze constantly at the tower explosion and the tunnel explosion but I just managed to get passed them. Now it freezes when you open the door after blowing up the humvee. Does your app just quit? Because mine completely freezes the phone, to the point I have to remove the battery to restart it
  14. Really? I havent managed to get past the first mission. What's your setup? And what sd files did you use?
  15. Has anyone got this app running smoothly on their phone? I can get it to run with no lag but it always freezes my phone at certain points in the game. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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