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  1. The little Lahm scores!

  2. I haz a qestion tillaz. I'm still on v6 (I found it stable for me) and I was wondering that instead of using Titanium Backup, to back up all my apps, you said that now it is a big no-no. Now by using AndroZip on v6; and backing up all my apps and restoring them with the mass apk installer, will the data on the apps (such as the levels ive completed on fifa 12, gta etc) be saved through the backup??
  3. Sorry but Minecraft PE does not support the Skate becuase the Skate has an ARMv6 processor and Minecraft PE is made for ARMv7+. There could be an unofficial ARMv6 version but you'll have to search for it if there is one (highly unlikely) I also wondered if Minceraft would work but I remember seeing on a Minecraft Wiki page that Jeb (Minecraft dev) released a list with incompatible devices. Surprise, surprise, the OMC/Skate was on that list. Also check out a M:PE alternative, i think its called PetraVis and probably is compatible with the Skate.
  4. First you said way back that v4 will be the last version. And Now, R13!!! Thank you for your ongoing support!!
  5. Tried version 1.3.86 and it can be quite laggy at times. Still better than PES 2012, with all the better features and team licensing. This is on AtomicMod v6 at stock speed (787 MHz, SmartAssV2) Might upload a video on YouTube to showcase it on the skate (already have a first look of PES 2012 on my YouTube channel)
  6. I'm sad to see you go, Tillaz . But as they say: "all great/epic/fantastic things must come to an end" Thanks for all ur work and helping the community.... Good Luck in your next projects and hope we'll see u around......
  7. If you're a gaming addict like me, I'd go for AtomicMod. better battery life.......LogicMod. If you prefer changing the look of ur skate, or u like ics, go for CM7(ICAIII)/MIUI/CM9 respectively. If u want a rooted skate ROM, try out Skatie. Do bear in mind that you can create backups of these ROMs in CWM and restore them if u don't like one or the other, but have some SD card space for it. Good Luck, you'll need it! ;)
  8. Do you mean that you have bugs or problems with this MIUI ROM? If you can, tell us your bugs/problems
  9. No worries mate . Thanks for all ur efforts and time. Just reminds me how many great people we have on this thread especially, and such a fantastic ZTE Skate community!!
  10. Thanks sooooooo much guys ! I never thought it would have been that easy!
  11. I'm sorry I'm quite confused with what to do (ABSOLUTE NOOB)..... that link you gave me is quite confusing on what I have to do..... lots of ways to do it :(
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