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  1. Siddhant Shah


    Settings -> System -> about phone -> system update shows update available . Can anyone throw some light on this ?
  2. Siddhant Shah


    Settings -> System -> about phone -> system update shows update available . Can anyone throw some light on this ?
  3. Siddhant Shah


    Well it did work, but after i set permissions. Was left with no settings for an hour or so, but what is life without hiccups
  4. Siddhant Shah


    Hey thanks for the settings.apk but can you please let me know how to flash it ? I think it has something to do with system /app folder but Im not sure :( Google isn't helping much either
  5. Siddhant Shah

    Dell Xcd35 Club

    Dude, take it easy ! I have a Dell XCD35 too and have an 8 gig card. I have flashed god knows how many ROMs on this baby and its flawless :) Having a bit of a problem with the wifi now though :| The signal receiving strength has gone a bit too low , I guess after installing the undervolted kernel. Reflashed with MMHMP and FnC and MMHMP again just to check, but to no avail :(
  6. Thank you so much for this great ROM KonstaT ! The undervolted kernel is very nice, albeit the drop in wifi reception strength is a bit too steep for me. The phone is dropping wifi connection just a room away. Is there any way/any kernel which just has the CPU undervolted and not the wifi ? Thanks a lot again ! :D
  7. Okay, switched to RLS 3 and quite happy with it overall. Great job guys. But, one tiny problem :-( The phone just doesn't vibrate at all.. I have the phone on vibrate always and have also enabled vibration to always in the messaging settings. But it just doesn't vibrate :-( Even vibrate on keypress is on in Swype, but to no avail.. Dunno if it matters, but I used titanium backup, but only for apps, no system data
  8. @leothas: it happens with many carriers that the phone shows constant roaming even when in the home network. Keep data roaming checked. Otherwise this is a feature of CM7 which offers an option of international roaming. I don't have the link right now but the link for this fix for other ROMs is on the forums.
  9. Wow! This is nice :) Can you make the slide down fully transparent? IMO i suck when it comes to color combinations. . Its just that the blue seems a bit too much at times.. Would really love to see the operator name in black And thanks again for this brilliant piece :)
  10. This ROM is seriously awesome guys! A big thank you to those who made this. . ( n4y4nrules and raverrr) Just a bit, i added the green peas theme and also the notification bar.. The result is a mashed up blue and green.. Also, i'd really second the request for a better slide down status bar window color. Cheers and a happy new year

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