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  1. I'm very interested in this question. I want to use the Viewpad 7 100% in car, so I'm trying to find a way to quick charge, as the original wall charger. I've tried some 5V/2A chargers with an standard USB data cable, but it charges slow. Then, I saw that original USB plug charger had 10 pins. Then, I cut the original charger cable -which has only two wires, and I solded the original 10pin plug to an standard USB cable (of course, only red&black wires). I plugged in a 5V/2A car charger and, ...it works!!! The tablet full charges from zero in two hours. But, I need an angled 10pin USB plug, because the original is too large for my car integration. I've analyzed original 10pin outputs, I've solded another 10p USB, I compared outputs with original one, but, ...it charges slow. I have no idea what I've done wrong. Anyone has any idea?
  2. Is there any specific subforum for Viewsonic Viewpad 7? Anyway, I wrote a post in an existing thread, but I cant't see it. Is there moderated or something? thanks.
  3. I'm very interested in this thread, cause I'm installing a Viewpad as a car computer. Well, I also saw the 10-pin miniUSB plug, and I also thought that there was 5V and 12V for quick charge. So, ...I cut the cable to inspect it. There are only two little cables inside: one red and another black. Then, I joined theese two cables to a normal car charger, and, ...it works! The charge is as quick as the original wall charger! The problem is that original 10 pin USB is too large for my car integration, and I need an angled one. So, I analize continuity of original pinout: red: pin 1, 6, 7 black: pin 5, 8, 9, 10 ..and I use a solder to build another one. After solder the pins, I tested outputs and were ok, but, ...it doesn't charge quick. It just charge as normal USB. I don't know if there is something wrong. Anyone can help me? Perhaps there is a bridge between 2,3,4 pins, but I don't know. I'm desperate.
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