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  1. Now I think the batteryproblem is somehow related to 2G/3G-switching, I've tried several ways to force phone to 2G, but the setting reverts immediately to 3G :blink: As I stated earlier, my whereabouts have a lot of signal fluctuation from really good to zero. If I keep the phone in offline-mode, batterytemp stays at normal. I'll post my log tomorrow, too tired to find a cardreader :D
  2. My new card is class 6 and I've been wondering, how fast is the sd port on B7610, is it really that fast to have benefit from class 10 card?
  3. It gets warm even when it sits on my desk... Before my last wipe I ran fsck on the sd card and it didn't find any problems on it. And phone itself runs correctly, only the battery-drain with data is unbearable. Do I need to change the whole init.rc or just place: service logcat /system/bin/logcat -f /dev/kmsg oneshot But I need help interpreting the logs :D BTW, Googling didn't help much about changing Gmail sync frequency, so I disabled gmail-sync and tried to add a new "Corporate" account using m.google.com and .... whoaaaa it worked, now I can sync gmail-account with 15min intervals too B) Hopefully that helps even a bit, at least with winmo Exchange push drained battery much quicker.
  4. No games, GPS, FB, IM's or forum or other tweaks. To deal with this problem I tried playing with SpicagenMod -tweaks few days ago and as a result lost the lockscreen (!), tested just about everything and with lockscreen-apps the display just went off, but the phone woke just touching the screen. So I had to wipe again -> no tweaks this time ... Rev105 patch and kernel-image in use. I think the problem lies somewhere with the radio power-handling, because where I spend my days I've got very fluctuating 3G-signal. If I keep all data disconnected the phone doesn't get warm at all (at least in 30min testing, that's about max I can be without internet :D). EDIT: Is there a way to disable push in Gmail? There's no option for check frequency...
  5. How about battery drain issues, with original (more than 2yrs old) battery I got 5hrs max with one charge, then went and bought 2 new batteries and what did I get... 6hrs :angry: CPU is set to auto in winmo, and it seems to me, that the phone never actually sleeps. Screen goes off normally, but still it's quite warm especially when kept in a pocket. I do have 4 emails syncd with 15min intervals, but that shouldn't explain that (with winmo battery lasts normally 14hrs with the same usage, tried yesterday running whole day just winmo). Any ideas?
  6. Does anybody else have this behaviour: If I unlock SIM in winmo before booting android, phone hangs right after entering PIN (in android). No problem, if I don't enter PIN in winmo :blink: I've tested this about 10 times, and always the same... Isn't a big thing, but I'd like to know how it's possible *curious*
  7. I second to that, it's unlikely that dropping the fm file in would make it work, because the chip is different (as is the problem with wifi/bt)... EDIT: But maybe solving wifi could solve fm too :)
  8. That's correct! And as an addition I've used to renaming previous kernel images like this: zImage.revXX (so that they can be easily restored)...
  9. It seems it did :blink: but how it's possible... Now with performance set to "high", it works like a charm... Before that I tried my previous install (on another sd) with the new kernel and it worked. Then I swapped sd:s again, and it didn't boot. And the new bootlogo is nice :)
  10. Yeah! Thanks! I've always kept the setting in "auto", cuz previous installs have worked fine with that setting, but now setting performance to "high" did the trick! B)
  11. Did 3rd install, no success :( Installer runs fine 'till the end, no errors, clean exit. I compared new startup.txt with the one created by the same installer (when I installed beta 2, ending using beta 1 kernel), both startup.txt:s are the same and partition is correct. Set kernel zImage Set ramsize 180*1024*1024 Set mtype 1626 Set ramaddr 0x50000000 Set kernelcrc 1 Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 init=/init console=ttySAC2,115200 vmalloc=256M" setbitp 0x7F008808 5 1 pfw 0x7f005800 4 0x3 pfw 0x7f005804 4 0x805 pfw 0x7f005808 4 0x7 pfw 0x7f00580c 4 0x0 pfw 0x7f005828 4 0x11 pfw 0x7f00582c 4 0x80 boot EDIT: BTW, I didn't use su-patch yet...
  12. Just re-installed, same thing... And the installer reboots so quickly when finished, that I couldn't see the last lines! I saw it extracting files, but next when I looked, it rebooted :D Maybe 3rd times a charm, so I'll re-install again...
  13. Hmm. For some reason it doesn't boot, just stays on endlessly at "Android on Omnia II Loading...". I used automatic install on a clean repartitioned and FAT16 formatted 4GB sd. Tried resetting and booting twice, but still hangs on boot :( /VM
  14. I know... Tweaking WinMo doesn't interest anybody anymore, but if some could shed some light on this: I flashed PDA FluidX v2.6.6 (WWE), using CSC B7610NXEEJC2, hoping to get nordic keyboard. It works incredibly fine, but for some reason it doesn't recognize scandinavian letters (ÅÄÖ). The layout itself is correct, everything are in their places, but pressing one of the umlaut-letter doesn't produce ANYTHING, not even a blank?!? I tried registry tweaks, but only thing I accomplished was a totally dead keyboard tweak after another... Is there anything to do about that, or should I just forget this ROM :( /VM
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