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  1. Hey Racerboy.. well, i'm guitarrist of a symphonic/power metal band here. hehe ----- Couple of people are using the new version of CWM and is working well, great job on this mod! What's new on this new version? Only a little routine adjusts or a major modification? i'm studying android programming as well, hope i can help u guys on future. :) Cya
  2. Hey Vamshistunner, how long! Any updates on ur kernel? Hello Racerboy, first congrats for ur ROM, its awesome! I'm a Brazilizan ZTE x850 forum moderator, and i constantly visit this place to check for updates for our phones! I have some questions, but i think u guys just reply before.. 1 - How about the camera issue on ZTE x850? Anyone are working on it? 2 - Some guys are talking about the calibration system of the 2.3.4+.. do u know any solution for this? 3 - Ultimately.. many of us still have problems with the downgrade of Gen2 ROMs to gen1 ROMs, like non functional recovery buttons or on flashing ROMs and be stuck on green android logo. I really dont know what is this problem, do u think its might be a problem with the recovery version of this people? 'Cause i just install the older recovery on my phone, and dont have any problens like this (my phone are from gen1). Thanks, and sorry for the poor english or the noob questions! ;)

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