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  1. Hi all, tell me how things are going with the consumption of energy has become more or less go in the latest build of the firmware?
  2. So we get an error nly me, tell me where that change I will change!how to stretch this image is in the same lizhit framework-res.apk?
  3. Hi all, do not beat strongly and well, I have a 113 build of the samebug graffichesky installing applications, and put the 179 build of 4pda there is no graphical bug!
  4. Community Well tell me who put number 210 beat this problem as I have shown in the picture?
  5. Well do everything first wiping/formatting then install the firmware from a memory card!
  6. And what to do with the graphics mistake did not understand a few times перестанавливал firmware , with all the wipe and she's still there!
  7. and as for the battery wanted to ask a question on how much should be sufficient ?
  8. Now noticed the mistake of the graphics from the figure , I have one this or not? and a battery that the sluggish work I have one such problem or not?!
  9. And probably have to download gapss correctly Then there would vyskachilo thiswindow? I just downloaded the GAPS!
  10. And I'm not accidentally swap downloaded version of how to make the swap now tell me please!
  11. Hi all, please tell me I have one after the installation is not included SpareParts.apk well does not give out a window with cheers and settings as well in the build version prevedushey!, And yet here I do not vyskachila this box, I chose the language settings and set the Russian chief Ruscam screen name of the program well and walk into their menu is in English well, their name! why?
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