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  1. acidsnake

    The new Skate

    But it says Adreno 200 , don't ARM 7 have Adreno 205? Sorry for my lack of knowledge
  2. acidsnake

    The new Skate

    I just saw the new phone by zte called the skate aqua. Going by the spec it has the same processor as the skate but its clocking at 1 Ghz. So should we not be able to get 1Ghz fully intstead of just 960 max. I know there not much difference but still :P Specs http://www.gsmarena.com/zte_skate_acqua-4583.php
  3. Stock ZTE Skate Rom works perfectly
  4. acidsnake

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

  5. acidsnake

    How to unlock your OMC/SKATE

    the moment of truth !!!!! F5's to see if it works!!
  6. Is it going to be ported over? I remember reading somewhere that it was only for Arm7 processor, so probably won't be an update from ZTE. Anyone working on it at the moment??
  7. Had you not voided you warranty by opening it up? Did you mention that also?
  8. acidsnake

    Known stock TPTs for Monte Carlo

    Can I get the link to the generic ZTE SKate Rom?
  9. acidsnake

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    Can anyone tell me what was the second imei and the unlock code posted? I have daddy tickles one but I can't find the other. Thanks
  10. Hi, Can you give me the number where you called as I have a problem with my phone. When I go into maps and into street view and then compass mode. When it is in compass mode the screen begins to shake badly and it is unusable in this mode. So I think the sensor is broken. Also when I do *983*0# and in the sensors proximity sensor fails.
  11. acidsnake

    Colonel Zap - Stock Rom Dump

    So can we use zap's rom dump and install it on our phones???
  12. acidsnake


    So, how can we flash the stock firmware now? Btw will this be voiding the orange warranty?
  13. Now that the skate is out worldwide, Can someone please upload the stock ZTE skate rom so we can get rid of all the crappy orange bloatware!.
  14. Hi, I was wondering how can I install the overclockable kernel (http://android.modaco.com/topic/345960-overclockable-kernel-for-the-zte-skate/page__st__40__p__1796875#entry1796875) on my phone. It currently running orange stock ROM. Thanks!

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