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  1. Hi guys, been away almost full month. Gone through thread , cant find any useful info. TrpnDroid works for me great , just have a problem playing clips recorded with camera. Is it solved, any new great things made by Trip? He was pull back from developing last time i check out.... Welcome back Trip, find out that u got One X... You will not forgot your sensation follower, will you ?
  2. This is and must be just a kernel issue. That is the only thing that must be followed by GPL rule.... As for kernels , i use and check frequently some very respected names, faux ,shown, doomlord, trinity..... yes they are publishing work, no problem, but I din't saw any contribution by users of their work. The main thing here is implementation of AOSP and thats the big deal, since the well implemented kernel is key to success for porting AOSP. So , even if i disagree with his decision I can understand him. You will see when CM goes official how many ports we will see for Sensation - at least 5, now there is none. That joke of aosp inquisition leave their users for half of month with "something is going wrong with my seni", or striped down sense ( he done it in 5 hours)... wtf? But donation buttons are always at visible place altogether with sentences like "buy me a votka shoot" and similar BS, calls for help of buying devices, lap tops, toilet paper.... Why then judging Trip and left others alone? And finally , really think that there is no BIG BUCKS in this and that he is just enjoy in attention his getting for doing this ( if i was in his place, i will be too).
  3. Well, I'm checking this threads from September regularly (at least once a day), and remmeber very well how it's started. Bulling is maybe STRONG word but pushing over limit is completely true. Never mind, if your intention was to force Trip to comply with GPL than you should report him right away, think that everything will be different. Now , it looking stupid and without solid argument. Cheers
  4. Maybe I wasn't be clear enough. I'm supporting GPL , runing Linux distros for decade at home, 10 of mine PCs on work also on Linux, my family and I have 9 different Android phones all rooted with custom ROMs,I'm pushing my girl to make doctorate about Android communities..... But the way that you guys are doing is wrong, and I deeply believe that Trip will publish it when "dust is settled down", at the end he will not have a choice. Why nobody cares that HTC is publishing sources a year after ROM? They selling tens of milions units VIOLATING GPL and slowing down development of kernels...
  5. That is not completely true, but i really don't want to argue, and again why CM9 and not the rest of Trip roms. Trip is posting his kernels here for 3 months... and few guys (you are among them) start publicly to bully him through threads (always with great popularity MIUI 2.3, MIUI v4, AOSP, CM9) making a lot of arguing, hating, flaming. It does look bad, so don't be suprised for calling you jalous...... Why? Ordinary user of ANY rom don't give a sh.. about GPL , open source , they just want quality ROMs that Trip provided. If you care so much for GPL why don't you PM him , and then report to mods or Paul, but hunting through threads is BAD idea. Anyway, story is ended as far as Modaco concerns.
  6. Then report/close that threads, why CM9 with htc 3.0 kernel.. If I can see right MIUI thread is still open, why is not closed since it has same kernel , therefore you can make same GPL compliance. Wrong, wrong... this is mistake.
  7. Really don't want to argue about Trips character, nobody was here because of love for him, but his WORK (ROMS). Anyway, thread has closed since Trip not provided sources for HTC 3.0 kernel. How can he provide source for something that even HTC doesn't? Does it mean that every thread on XDA or MODACO or ROTZWIKI for roms that are using HTC 3.0 kernel has to be closed? As for Paul, HATS down for all of his contribution to Android, but this was mistake.
  8. I'll be careful with that.. in Sensation threads on XDA that was indicated as a problem, first as faster draining of battery, overheating and soft booting. Tried myself and got resets after 30 min. Can't make a claim that will happen to everyone, but its not bad to know.
  9. Because ICS native support for multiple cores. When it's needed ICS bring up second core, and 3.0 kernels are completely compatible with ICS. If you run ,let say Antutu, bench score will be more than 2 times better then single core processor on 1.2 MHz. Do you think that Sensation can make that with only one core up? Don't think so
  10. Until kernel developers get source think that there is no help with OC tools. Many users report that using System tuner caused system crash on Sebastian kernel ... So my best bet it to leave it stock or use 1.5 OC without OC tools.
  11. Hahahahaha, SORRY MAN, somebody finally CLEAN the thread and your post is now 744.... Sorry again, i will edit my post to avoid any confusion further. Also I report that idiots pointing that 744 post and it worked.;)
  12. There are 3 posts like that in two pages. Someone having fun spamming the thread, and since is not the first time....... Where are u Arz Bhatia now ? Clean the f.....g thread and remove that posts
  13. Set CPU doesn't work correctly on dual core processors. I think that is not possible to set any values and governors with OC software, since Sebastian HEX edit values of stock kernel.
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