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  1. Welcome to the Nexus community. Owning this device since December last year. I'm doing some development for it so if you liked my work I've done for Skate and you are interested in getting in touch with my latest work for N5, you are welcome to join GravityBox community. http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-gravitybox-v2-9-1-tweak-box-android-t2554049
  2. The problem is. When device is in deep sleep, the only way to wake it up is by power button. It's a hardware "limitation".
  3. Sorry, I no longer provide support, neither do new builds anymore. I don't have skate for almost a year. I have a feeling that the dialog layout has been fixed in some later official PA release, though.
  4. This will never happen. Since there is no such source code for armv6 devices. Simply because they were never meant to run android beyond gingerbread. They are definitely not going back to rewrite armv6 specific components just because Google announced kitkat runs on 512mb devices. It's not a charity what manufacturers are doing. They need to sell new devices.
  5. Camera, hwcomposer and more. These things are currently terribly hacked. I just wanted to point out that Googles statements about kk being available for weaker devices is pointless here, unless there's a necessary support from manufacturer to provide kernel + other necessary hw specific libs.
  6. Have you tried my GravityBox xposed module on it, yet? ;)
  7. Links are OK. Goo.im is moving servers... Filesystem is currently broken.
  8. People should be aware of a fact, that there's a bunch of proprietary binaries (libraries) for which there's no source code available thus can't be adjusted for compatibility with android beyond gingerbread.
  9. Only stock tpt for your phone can fix this. Any tpt from helper app has the same boot loader incompatible with your skate model
  10. http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/350826-[APP]-TPT-Helper#entry2024491 (can't edit post via tapatalk)
  11. It's not kernel related. This happens when incompatible bootloader is flashed when doing tpt. Search tpt helper app thread. I mentioned it there some time ago.
  12. Yep. I've been developing my own module for quite some time. But it's not for the Skate. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2316070
  13. Great job, indeed. I can imagine how much effort had to be put into all of these features you listed, especially when you are limited by doing things at smali level. Hats off, man.
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