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  1. I have a general question to u folks out there. with which kernel did u experience the best battery life? -stock -mck 24 -neoblaze (newest) -horse power RC2 (newest) -Ext3 or Ext4 (does it even matter?) Thx
  2. since I have problems to bake my own vanilla rom with kitchen (toggle buttons and volume bar are still in LG style) I flashed Pauls vanilla prebake everything works well but I noticed when I wanted to set my alarm clock that deskclock is missing in this prebake. Paul can u add it in the prebake? would be pretty handy :) do u have a deskclock apk file for the p990 in the meantime? I didnt find one. thx
  3. - I can confirm wifi drop when screen turn-off. Even with "Never" option selected on Wireless Advanced (BB 0622 / RIL 0622 GB Leak) same here, its very annoying. also a lockscreen for the vanilla version would be much appreciated :)
  4. @ HAL_9000 well it even unlocks when u press the volume keys while sleep. for me its too risky to accidentaly call or text anyone because I have my p990 always in my pocket. therefore I kinda need a lockscreen/screenlock
  5. I can do what I want but when I bake a rom with mostly or only google apps (launcher etc.) I dont have a lockscreen. just downloaded prebake vanilla edition aswell. no lockscreen there either. also I cant set a screenlock (pin, pattern etc.) I put phone asleep and when I want to use it again no lockscreen no screenlock. anyone can confirm this?
  6. Paul, I just backed a rom with more or less google apps only and I did realize two things dont work. - when i pick google launcher and google lockscreen (and unselect lg launcher and home selector) the google launcher appears but theres no lockscreen at all - the mms/sms app is always the same (guess the lg one) I selected mms/sms google app but theres no difference to unselect Can u check that? In the meantime I backed a lg apps only rom, I really dont want a rom with google stuff and lg stuff mixed up. Great work so far! edit: I use the MCK r22 EXT4 kernel maybe it has something to do with that
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