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  1. Been playing with this device for 3 weeks now, and had non-stop problems with its stability, on the dev, beta, and stable channels. Based on my experience of this one device, and seeing other people with similar problems around the web, my conclusion is the software/hardware has been badly optimised. Beyond that it is a lovely device for the price, but I’ve sent it back, the constant crashes make it unusable. To get the best out of it I had to use the following fix’s: If your youtube videos keep freezing download extension h264ify, this makes them play in h264 rather than the more resource intensive V9. If the device keeps crashing/freezing, suspend app sync, see https://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/chromebook-central/lHbvPdMOv6U If you keep getting ‘rats webgl has crashed’, or something like it, go to chrome://flags and turn off hardware decoding (search for ‘decode’ and it will show the relevant flag) If you keep getting ‘panel is not playing well’ or something like it, go to chrome://flags and enable ‘override software rendering list’. I know this seems contrary to 3. above. My wife has purchased the Asus chromebook flip (£199.99), and compared to the Acer it is a dream, though my personal aesthetic and ergonomic preferences are for the Acer, which also in my opinion hits the sweet spot for screen size. The flip has a nice screen too, and is touch enabled, but has the benefit of 4gb ram and quad core cpu. Here is a link to the best chromebook specs comparison site I came across: http://zipso.net/chromebook-specs-comparison-table/ If you are thinking of buying a chromebook for the benefit of android apps then you should probably go with an ARM based cpu, the Asus flip is one of them, my, albeit very limited, technical knowledge leads me to believe most android apps are primarily written for arm chips rather than intel, and having tried ‘darkmeadow’ and ‘horn’ on both the Acer and Asus devices, they run fine on the Asus but just drop out on the Acer. Of course the opposite is true for chrome os apps, I think historically these have been intel devices so there is more compatibility for intel chips. As a positive for the intel chips, if you want to run a linux distro I think this is only possible on the intel devices, which of course means you can run fully fledged non-microsoft office software, and I think, as an added bonus, the PS2 emulator, PCSX2, will run on a linux ubuntu distro. Personally I find google office apps o.k. for my needs, and certainly better than the microsoft mobile apps, which of course are free on screens <= 10.1” (Asus chromebook flip yes, Acer R11 chromebook no).
  2. had mine a few days now, (price has gone up to £135), immaculate condition, nice screen, of course went straight to the dev channel, I find the screen is regularly freezing and getting an error message saying the screen is not 'playing well' with chrome OS, have reset to stable channel, done powerwash and deleted all my extensions, so will see if it continues anybody else experienced this issue?
  3. google glass with sat nav for bikers, i'd buy one
  4. i've got a 'gioteck vx-2 wireless controller', works fine with 'ppsspp', about £13 from argos
  5. mrrog

    adblock plus

    anybody else using this, does not seem to work for me, eveytime i try to download the 'easylist' the app just closes not rooted have adblock plus running on another device so understand the settings updated to 5.1 'installation from unknown sources' is allowed ?
  6. 1. does it have gps, and 2. how is the storage partitioned, and is it fixed
  7. goto wifi advanced settings, make sure that optimization is ticked, and change 'keep wifi on during sleep' to never, you get a bit of a start up hit with this but to compensate i keep the device at 5 mins timeout and make sure i switch off when not going to use for a period
  8. have tesco actually quoted you 60 quid, seems remarkably cheap, and somehow i just don't believe thay have the technology in house to re-solder a chip? EDIT, now i come to think about it they are more likely to replace the entire board the chip came of, in which case it is probably do-able, but still seems cheap for parts and labour
  9. yeah, been on to them about it 'coming soon' on the 'meizumart' website, they cannot even confirm it will be within the next six months, don't hold your breath if your holding off on a new phone
  10. As we know, nature abhors a vacumn, and can feel myself being sucked into the glossywhite role, so my question is:- what is the point of this thread?
  11. you lot take offence much to easily, just my opinion
  12. it always strikes me that there are strong parallels between christianity and being an apple lover, essentially the need to belong and be looked after by something bigger than themselves, having said that, i don't mind glossywhite at all, he makes life more interesting
  13. bugger, thats exactly the one i got from TECHGEAR, only it was in fact £7.95, now i'll be depressed for days, the price of a pint, wasted
  14. now i feel like a spendthrift, can you get them in hudl2 orange, just in case my cheap an nasty falls apart?
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