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  1. how does a browser thats only availble to a fraction of android users and still in beta beat any other browser let alone win. seems like a waste of the inaugral modaco recommends section. might aswell have declared internet explorer the winner for all the help about 99% of android users will find it.
  2. i know what your thinking, not another bloody rsd lite wont recognise their defy. but hold on a second. i have literally tried everything. ive had to start using the macgyver hack cuz i drained the battery. im running rsd as an administrator, ive tried putting my phone in bootloader and as per the rsd user guide just with m logo showing. ive downloaded the driver software and reinstalled that. i have searched many threads and seen lots of people who's phone has been recovered but for some reason none of these seem to work for my phone. this all started with a basic slip of the finger. i had just installed miuiandroid on my phone and was going to make a backup, just in case. i know, ironic huh. i shut the phone down and went to reboot but held my finger on the vol up instead of down and got thru to the bootloader. i pressed the power button to turn it off and start again but it just went blank. i pulled the battery and found myself stuck at the m logo. its been about a week now, i'm running out of ideas. please can anyone help me save my defy.
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