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  1. Helo. Yesterday I flashed your last ROM from this thread. The first thing i done was disabling Sense (because I don't like how it works), and I faced with the problem: I can not change action for the OK button, it changes for current session and goes to the original setting ( <Today>) after reboot. The next thing I don't like is that I can not see russian tags in TouchPlayer. I haven't theese problems in my original firmware (DG21). And the good moments: this firmware is rather fast and i have a lot of free RAM, it is really great! Also, I like your top bar, it was the thing, why I flashed this ROM, not OOBER LITE. Thanks for good work! Waiting for advices about solving theese little problems;) And one more question: in the top bar i see, that proc load is always higher than 84, is it normal? As I can see in stock WM TaskManager - there are no processes, that are using processor time (just about 5%).

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