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  1. Rls 3 is great. Exceptional battery life and overall speed. Good job Konstat!!
  2. quote name='sandy8liv' timestamp='1327819385' post='1891679'] hi, can you post the link to the original splash screen..megauploads bin killed off
  3. Its great that your phone is sorted! I know how scary it can be when you see no signal and a completely different imei :lol:
  4. Hi, It does have to do with the fact that your IMEI number has not been restored correctly during the process. It happened to me as well and freaked me out for a bit too. I have the dell xcd35 as well and was unable to find the IMEI number at the hex location that the guide suggested. However, i looked into the file carefully and found it elsewhere. If you are able to do the same, you can go ahead and flash the .nvm file. That should sort it out.
  5. [quote name='fallenangel32' timestamp='1326373981' post='18836 AND for some people that asking for a new rom no i m done here,so please dont ask a new rom i ll be here for supporting 360+365 for some time THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT
  6. im having dellxcd35........can you suggest me best android operating system.......mail to [email protected]

  7. This should not happen, try wiping the following from CWM recovery for a clean setup: (credit-Rockstarrz) Under advanced: Dalvik cache Under mount and storage: Format /system Format /cache Format /data Format /boot Under main menu wipe user data wipe cache Then install the rom again. You can also try installing Blademix 360 in the meanwhile as FallenAngel is working on a new release of Blademix 365.
  8. Your rom is installed on your phone so it doesnt really matter if you swap out your memory card.
  9. Hi, If you want to upgrade only to official dell xcd35 froyo, Download and copy the rom below onto your SD card (Dell XCD35 Froyo 2.2 (GEN2) - Signed ): Use the information at the link below to upgrade your phone to a stock Gen2 partition layout and install CWM recovery Once this is done, in CWM Click on Install zip from SDCard Choose the dell rom zip from the link provided earlier. Confirm the install. Once its done. Reboot and ur done. Following steps your phone should be exactly like how the newer Gen2 Dell XCD phones are shipped. With stock recovery and warranty intact ;)
  10. I tried different locations and drives too. The error was the same. Hope its an easy fix for u cos the app is great!
  11. Hi mon3em, Discovered a small glitch with the Romxin V3 and Settings app. If your windows user name/profile name has a space in it, the program fails to generate the files as designed (screenshot attached). No biggie, workaround is create a new profile without a space and run the file. The app works fine then. Just thought to mention it for any future releases you may have planned. :)
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