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  1. looks awesome but you can mirror it the dev host is so slow
  2. awsome follow this since rootzwiki this is way better then cm9 great work as always
  3. http://code.google.com/p/anthrax-kernels-htc-base/ this can help you
  4. if you didn't drop it you can take your phonr to htc warranty
  5. if you did revolutunary before it's say locked but under this you can see s-off and you can do anything
  6. sorry for this the dsi kitchen repleced some files just check on the ics sense i thought htc can steel a code without any source code
  7. look what i found on htc sense ics init.pyramid.rc file : #TripNDroid Mobile Eng. kernel modules #insmod /system/lib/modules/tripndroid.ko htc copy from you???????? how can it happen without any soucre code
  8. use one of the trips roms that is in the forum excellent battery good speed and the phone dosent heat Sent from my TripNiCE Pyramid using Tapatalk
  9. trip prove the saying: "it's not the quantity it's the quality" cyanogen have a lot of peoples but one Trip is beat them
  10. miui making a real ics version : http://miuiandroid.com/2011/12/miui-rom-ice-cream-sandwich-preview/ :rolleyes:
  11. the best developer an one man army

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