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  1. Thanks a lot, I love my blade just because of all the great dev we are lucky to have here. MMS working fine for everybody ? auto download and mms with mobile data (wifi work fine) seem broken on my side. It work fine with the last 10.1 from KonstaT (same APN and of course same setting in the sms/mms app). Same problem here.
  2. Is someone have the wifi very slow (like almost a minute) to reconnect after sleep ? If I disable/enable wifi it's ok.
  3. I have strange behaviour with notification volume too. Tried to disable profile in setting and use basic volume setting but don't correct the problem.
  4. what kind of app do you use for youtube ? I find this rom very stable (no reboot since install 2 weeks ago) and battery life is VERY good. My only FC is when app try to go to android settings (like when you install a keyboard).
  5. Battery life is good for all of you ? I agree with the smoothness and all but battery life make me go back again to swedish ;/ Did you make a batt stat reset ? On another point, my data connexion not always work after wifi. My provider don't appear under the right name (my provider is Free and the name in the available network is Orange). Maybe it's related ? Beside these 2 problems this rom is near perfect. Thanks KonstaT for all your work.
  6. Hi, First, thanks to Burstlam and all the developers for their incredible work, you rock ! That said here's my first experience with this rom in the 6.1fix version on a "classic" blade with oled screen, 3mp camera and 160mb system partition. (French language) +the rom is smooth and fast +No reboot since install (1day) +No problem with big fat app like game +-No black screen on call, but the screen awake ~1 second after the ring +-As advertise, camera and his preview work OK, not the video. -Wifi has been a little problematic at first, some on/off switch later it work fine. Also it seem there is 2 old ssid already in memory with strange characters (Chinese ?) -Voice command doesn't seem to work. (gapps_ics_4.0.4-fix.zip) At the end i was thinking to just give a shot at ICS and finally it's totally usable and I keep it. Thanks again !
  7. It's soft button keys to replace physical one. go to the android setting->rom setting and disable "soft keys"
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