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  1. What does 'REPACK' mean? I bought a Y300 the other day and I am trying to decide whether to install a new rom or not. Probably won't go for a custom rom but wouldn't mind having a clean stock rom that is up to date. Mine is B192 and is a UK phone. Is there much difference in the later stock rom? thanks
  2. I tried again and downloaded it ok. For some reason when I click on the link in Opera I got a blocked pop up message that when I opened just produced a blank page. I also got another tab that redirected to random spammy sites. I have just tried in rekonq and it opened a captcha and dowloaded without any problem.
  3. Has this been taken down? The link in the op redirects to various scam sites.
  4. Thanks for the links. I will have a look if I decide to go back to 2.2. I notice your Sense 2.3 rom uses deadbeat's kernel but you have changed to vamshi's for your ligux rom. Why did you change? I am just trying to understand what the pros and cons are between the two.
  5. Equilym, I had a look on raceroms and searched the forum but can't find your teapot rom? I have actually just installed the deadbeat kernel linked on the xperia rom thread. So far the sensitivity seems much better than Vamshi for me. I have noticed that it doesn't have the smartass2 governor that is often recommended. I don't know what else is different.
  6. I have been trying several 2.3 roms that all use Vamshi's kernel and find it too sensitive as well. So far I have tried the Lewa and Racerboy's cm7 RC1 and 224. The Lewa one seems the worst but I am finding similar problems with the others. I was hoping the older 224 version may use a different kernel but it is the same Vamshi v68. I find that I am selecting items when I am trying to scroll. Sometimes in apps that have several pages next to each other the display moves to another page when I am trying to select something. Moving around webpages when browsing is also often unpredictable. Previously I was using equilim's Sense 2.2 rom and didn't have these problems but wanted to move to a more recent android version. If I can't solve this sensitivity problem I will have to go back to the Sense 2.2 but I do find some things better with the 2.3 roms ie gps. Also I don't really want the Sense theming and apps. I see Deadbeat's kernel mentioned. How does that one compare to Vamshi's, especially wrt sensitivity?
  7. Many thanks for all that. It really helped clearing up a few things. I followed it through without any major problems and my racer is now unlocked and running a new rom :D I installed your 2.3 224 v2 to start with but found all the cyanogen options just too overwhelming. I also managed to lose the main toolbar at the bottom of the screen somehow in less than 5 mins. Currently swapped to Equilym sense 2.2 but not sure if I like the main toolbar on that. Now that I have got the hang of installing new roms it doesn't take too long to try them so I will keep looking for a basic rom that suits me. thanks again for your help :)
  8. I recently got a 2nd hand racer (UK model from 3 with android 2.1) and want to unlock it and install a new rom. I don't have any experience of Android or smart phones so it is all new to me. I have been reading this forum for a few hours now and have an idea of what I need to do but there are some points that I am unsure of so any help with the questions below would be appreciated. 1. Unlocking. I have seen the sticky on unlocking using the nextgenserver website. Do I need to do this if I am going to install a custom rom or will the rom be unlocked? 2. I have seen references to gen 1 and gen 2 phones. How do I know what version mine is? Can I change it and if so should I do so and which one is best? Will the roms and other utilities I see mentioned eg Clockworkmod only work with the correct gen phone or will they work on either gen 1 or 2? 3. I have seen the 'How to' sticky in the rom forum http://android.modac...and-flash-roms/ Is this still the best way to install a custom rom on a stock racer? thanks
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have seen version 244 of racerboys roms recommended for a reliable version so I am tempted to try that one out to start with although the Lewa version looks very nice. However, the roms listed on raceroms have a with swap and without swap version. Which one should I use? Also the 244 without swap link seems to be dead. thanks
  10. Hi, I have just got a 2nd hand Racer. I would like to install a newer rom (currently stock 2.1) but I am unsure which one to go for, there is too much choice :o All I want to do with the phone is basic calling/texts, wifi and gps at the moment. So I am looking for a basic reliable rom that is fully functioning and gives good battery life. Is the pinned 'How to' still the best method to install a new rom on a stock phone? thanks ps My phone is a UK one if that makes any difference.
  11. I tried the UK version on my phone which is still on the stock Orange 2.1. This update tool reports that there is no update available. I don't think Orange UK is going to bother with an upgrade to UK phones tbh.
  12. Thanks, that worked. I had thought of pulling the battery but thought it might cause problems and there would be some key press combination to get out of it. Seems to be back working fine now :)
  13. I have a UK blade still on the stock Orange 2.1 rom. I tried the official ZTE online update tool but, as expected, there is no update for UK phones. The problem is that as part of the process I had to boot the phone into FTM by turning on with the vol- pressed. Now I don't know how to get out of FTM and reboot the phone back to normal. None of the buttons respond at all. thanks
  14. Reading the pdf in the download it is clear that it only updates to the latest version that is available for the original operator. So in the UK Orange is still selling them with 2.1 so that is all that will be available. It is a shame as I was hoping for a stock stable later version.
  15. There was a previous thread on this but no conclusion as to what it did.
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