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  1. There was a thread here for which a very nice user posted his link for P990 files, i just have it in my bookmarks: http://www.mediafire.com/75markus#a4ca9b5rw1vbl,1 But in his files, 0824 shows as 20f (not 21), but also there are many different 0725 BB so maybe 21f exists....
  2. Hi, german only but just scroll down and click the Basebank link at 23.08.11 - it's the 0823: http://www.handy-faq.de/forum/lg_optimus_speed_p990_forum/197500-lg_optimus_speed_p990_aktuelle_baseband.html But be careful with the RIL, with patching it from this page i crashed my phone - so better you download the RIL via Market app "Getril".
  3. Hi, i tested several settings and kernerls in this kitchen (stock, r22 ext3, r22+r23 ext4) but the boot time forced me to search for other roms. Sorry but several minutes is not normal... I just found http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1254359 which based on 20i as well and the start time of that rom is awesome. Paul, maybe you can test it to find out where the problem of your version is? But for all 20i versions i have problems with switching 2g/3g, anyone else too? Maybe it's baseband problem or because i use prepaid card "bildMobil" and with installing new rom I always have to add new APN myself (it's using vodadone, but on other link: name: bildMobil / APN: access.vodafone.de (nothing else has to be set)), maybe 20i try to use 1st one in list even my setting is chosen. Switching setting to wrong and then back to correct APN solves the problem but is little bit annoying :)
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