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  1. Oh sorry. I'm not used to this forum having different sections.
  2. Will a printout of the order confirmation (I bought it online) count as a reciept? I'm at uni right now and my home is a very long couple of train ride away and I didn't the box or anything else along with me. Edit: Would they be able to extract all the stuff off it. It's just I have loads of things I'd rather not loose.
  3. So, yeah, my OSD died, which is kind of weird. Basically, the background: I have never rooted, never gone onto any of the xolo roms and the only thing that I have ever really done in terms of modifying it is to update it to Android 4.0 by the official orange route. Essentially I was playing a game on it (I'm not ashamed to say that it was the new My Little Pony: Friedship is Magic game), I try to get back to the home screen and all of a sudden the screen just goes totally black on me. And now it won't respond, at all, to anything I do. Previously when it has done similar things, I've held the power button in for 8-10 seconds and it's rebooted. Trouble is that isn't working, which kind of leaves me a bit stuck really. On any of my previous phones I would have done a battery pull, but, er, yeah. Any ideas, beyond leaving it overnight and seeing if it comes back to life? Edit: Just to avoid the obvious question, yes it did have charge in it. I'd just taken it off after having charged it for a few hours and it claiming to be up to 99/100% Edit 2: And yes, I have tried turning it off and on again.
  4. The Orange ICS also has some slight bloat. There are three game demos in there too.
  5. Some screenshots of Orange ICS, and it is indeed very Orange:
  6. The OTA update app on the Orange ROM says the update is 271mb, so everything that needs to be there probably is.
  7. I think he meant the Xolo software update page.
  8. The whole reason they make it vague is specifically to cover themselves should it ever come to legal proceedings. It is highly unlikely you would get away, under those terms, with updating via anything other than the official route. Legally speaking it probably will void your warranty because doing so does technically come under the provision barring software modifications "outside the manufacturer's instructions" and strictly speaking is an "unauthorized modification to the software" given that the only authorised modifications are those made via the official Orange route.
  9. Thats up to Orange. I could afford to throw my Blade's warranty away, I can't afford to do the same with my OSD. If there is even the slightest chance updating via the Xolo route will void it, I'll happily wait for the Orange ICS update. Also, I'm not that added about updating tbh since if I want android 4 I can just load it up on my tablet and for now GB does everything I need it to.
  10. The Ext-SD is there on GB too. Its the partition that the phone's internal storage memory is classified as, and even if the SD slot did work you wouldn't be seeing anything there at all. You can't read from an external SD card if there isn't one in there.
  11. What about the BBC's new Media Player app? That work on ICS?
  12. Download an app called TelStop from off the Play Store, and that will stop the exploit from working.
  13. GTA III works perfectly fine for me. Don't know why it would give you any issues.
  14. I dont know if anyone else experiences this or has the answer as to why it is, but I keep getting a weird problem. Whenever I put the phone on charge and then wake it up afterwards, the date and time are always wrong. The date keeps setting itself back to 1st January 1970 and the time is always set to some random figure. I keep the box for using network provided values is checked but that never stops it going all weird. Anyone any ideas about what might be going wrong here and how I can stop it?
  15. I guess. The only android I previously had with a search button was my HTC Wildfire, but I never used it on that either. To me it's totally superfluous.
  16. I have never ever used it except for when I have accidentally pressed it once or twice. Never really seen the point in it tbh.
  17. Some of it will be the usual problem that the actual capacity of a memory card isn't quite as high as quoted. Some will be the orange bloat too. The major thing though is that I suspect when they quote "16gb memory" that also includes the phone storage (about 2gb, reduced by the give size of the /system partition) and not just the "USB Storage".
  18. No, I don't think there is any way of doing that. Not until we get ICS at any rate.
  19. How much 1080p video do you plan on recording though, and do you even need to record in 1080p? Unless you are recording loads, then you surely won't have a problem.
  20. Did you notice any particular slowdown with it connected to a HD TV or was it just as smooth as usual?
  21. Especially since they can't be making all that much for the phone, if anything. Its incredibly heavily subsidised to get it down to £210. They were never going to make the same error they made with the Blade (well, error to them at least), where they sold a cheap phone and made pretty much nothing on it and then lost all their potential business to other networks. I wouldn't be surprised to see future Vodafone mobiles being a bit more locked down to be honest, unless a significant number of people who bought the G300 are staying on Vodafone, which seems unlikely. The networks care first and foremost about making money, as they really have to, and aren't particularly concerned if doing so means that some people who like modding their phones (who represent only a fraction of their business) won't be buying phones from them.
  22. GTA III works very well on it, no lag or stuttering or anything like that. Not tried Max Payne but I would guess its a similar story for that.
  23. What date format is displayed when you go into settings > Date and Time?
  24. Yeah, the SD is good but the S3 is miles better. Don't quite understand the logic there tbh.
  25. Disappointing but I wont be getting rid of mine. I honestly don't care about lack of root access since I didn't really use it for anything on my San Francisco and never managed to root my Monte Carlo. Similarly, I can more than manage on the internal storage, am yet to see this terrible battery life everyone keeps bemoaning and it does everything I wanted it for. So if anybody is keeping theirs too, I'll still be around here a bit. Still, Orange has shot themselves in the foot since power users wont be interested in the phone any more and they have lost themselves a fair bit of business now. Don't see the G300 as anything like an alternative though, it's vastly inferior all round (well, except with root access, but as stated above I don't really care about that).
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