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  1. Hi everyone! Gentlemen, can you say something about google now with this firmware? I looking for it on XDA, but find only GN for ICS. Tried install some apks and zips, and get crashes in one case, and unscrollable cards in other . I get google now on zte blade 1 with cm10.1, it was built in gapps, I think. Is there good reasons for get google now? Thank you for replays. I has install the GN. But one thing is don't working. It's a scrolling - when i scroll the list, it seems like front layer (top search textfield and bottom string "more results..") moving, but back layer (mountains picture, cards, search results) stands static. It's interesting, that when scroll is used, sense areas is mooving too - tap on some place opens card, that should be in that place, though the visible part of card is don't mooving. In any case, notifications are workin' good. For those, who wants use this app, i can say: it's not very nice to use GN without scrolling of visible part... I tried to understand, why it's happens, One of the possible reasons - a change performance settings can be. If someone know how to fix it, let me know, please.
  2. I'm sorry, I probably did not understand about the camera, for some reasonthought that camera fixed. In any case, thank you, for me it's the best firmware.Excellent work. :) nice.
  3. Hello Established in San Francisco II R4a. Everything works fine, except for the camera- it freezes when taking pictures, sometimes comes out green screen, and sometimes crashes the connection to the camera. And one more question. I do not understand the terminology - please tell me what the Kernel and overcklock? Thks.
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