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  1. Thanks Fronz! I flashed synopsis for SlimKat. com.android.phone process always crash. Did I miss something?
  2. Hello Luca I've got two problems. 1. Sometimes invalid SIM detected after boot. Reboot helps, but 3 or 4 times needed. 2. Google play Music streaming reboot the phone. Local playing is all right. If you need I can send you logcats. I'm on g510. Congratulation for your built, this is my favorite.
  3. I think rom stay in clear AOSPA as possible. Add-on zip files?
  4. Car charger won't work. Sorry, I tried with my wife s phone. Charger has been broken. :-)
  5. I think it is because CWM search CmUpdate file on sdcard0. (Probably you changed primary SD to external in settings) Reboot to CWM and try manual udate: install zip from sdcard1/cmupdater folder, than wipe cash and dalvik.
  6. Hello Daz. Thanks for your hard work. This ROM is amazing. Founded bug: Google play music can't play online songs. G510-0100
  7. On my Hungarian Vodafone G510-0100 works. (Beállítások/Megjelenés/Akkumlátor jelzés - Engedélyezve)(Settings/Appearance/Battery indicator - Enabled)
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