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  1. It happens to me also, I'm on Giffgaff. I tried what you have done but it still happens a few times a day.
  2. Ive gone back to cm 7.2. After trying all the latest roms, it works best for me and seems snappier. I dont get any reboots on it, lag or keyboard stutter like I did on ics/jelly bean roms. But this is just my opinion and what works for me might not work for others and vice versa
  3. I've recently put h3 blues 2.2 on my phone after flashing numerous roms over the past month. And I've got to say it's so slick, everything just works so well and fast.
  4. @c3co no reboots on youtube yet after watching quite a few hq videos, While using the youtube fix. I will continue testing and see how it gets on.
  5. How do you get the extra information in settings like you had in older versions of this rom? like in the 8 and 9 image on 1st post
  6. @H3ROS is there anyway you could have an option in the settings to change font size
  7. @c3co Got it working, I flashed your proxi-update. zip and now it works thanx c3co
  8. @c3co yeh worked on stock and also on titals coldfusion x and coldfusion x2. But when I was on h3blues I had to change the value of prox.threshold.txt to H601L1G32 to get the proximity sensor to work.
  9. @c3co settings/ advanced / calibrate proximity censor and sensor was uncovered. Tried changing the numbers to 784.627 but still doesn't work
  10. Hi c3co thank you for this great rom, but I have a problem with the proximity sensor. when I make a call my screen stays off after the calls finished , so I have to use the power key to end call, no big deal really. But was wondering if there is a fix for this. I have a taos proximity sensor if this is any help to you. thanx in advance
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