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  1. yaylol

    End Of Monte Carlo?

    Ehh where have you seen it? Any specs?
  2. Sebastian404, could you make an update from it and upload it here: http://files.podtwo.com/roms/stock/zte/skate/ Thanks. ;)
  3. Here you go: http://files.podtwo.com/roms/stock/zte/skate/
  4. He he, nice one! But we still need an unlock solution. :) Btw, a friend's OSF got broken what number does he need to call and will they send the replacement unit in advance and he needs to submit his CC data or how does it work? :)
  5. How did you manage to read out these numbers? Is one of them the unlock code?
  6. yaylol

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    How to read out NV items? It returns an empty file!
  7. That's not the point, the point is the cutting itself! ;) Aaaaaargh we need some help by professional hackers like the iPhone DEV team!! :D
  8. yaylol

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    Any progress on the NAND unlock? Would like to contribute but I don't know how to!! :D
  9. yaylol

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    Yes, you have to and that s***s. Can anyone help us to compile the script above or tell us how to dump the NAND in order to flash it to another Monte?
  10. I tried all, the Orange ones are basically the same, only the version number is different but everything else is equal. The Optimus version is more generic like, but an older build (B01). I would recommend to install the generic ZTE ROM, link is available at this forum as well. It works much more fluent and there is no disturbing branding.
  11. Nothing personal, but I rather appreciate any unlock progress than a paintwork. :D
  12. I need proper drivers for Windows XP. It always says it can't find the phone even though I have installed some drivers that detect the phone! Edit: Works. Try these drivers: http://www.easy-share.com/1912504577/usb_driver.zip
  13. yaylol

    Unlocking The Orange Monte Carlo

    How to add an APN? My APN list is empty and I can't add anything!

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