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  1. So is it best to return to orange and get new handset I presume
  2. Hi , I am new here so be gentle please..I use jellyfish latest version and cant hear any thing on my ear piece only the loudspeaker when I recieve calls ,have talked to orange and they said they would exchange phone. .but before I do that does any one know if there is a cure as I dont want to go thro all the same root and downloading again as it caused much stress and swearing!! Thanks for any help.
  3. Please can someone help me..I have the latest jellyfish rom and can only get phone calls thro the loudspeaker not the earpiece, spoke to orange and done the battery in out they said to replace the handset and agreed to exchange,but wondered if its cos of the new rom ..any help sure would help cos I dont really want to exchange phone as im new to all this and it took me ages to get rooted and change rom.. thanks for any help
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