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  1. Yes 3D games are working from what i've tested and the battery drain is normal.
  2. Updated, Check first post. Still many things that don't work
  3. I should have something up this weekend, sorry for the long wait, But I'm in final exams atm.
  4. could you send me some tutorials about how to Transplant cm7,sorry for my weak english,i'm chinese

  5. Yes its a port. No device tree etc. No source yet...
  6. Good to hear about the performance. i reckon cm9 is definitely possible, this port is training my skills :P
  7. Change log Revision 2: Download link in above post. GSM works (no data)Bluetooth worksSensors workUpdated to Technolover's kernel - Thanks
  8. Here it is folks, I have begun porting CyanogenMod 7.1.0 from the HTC Vision (Desire Z) to our LiquidMetals Here's what works: Main Operating System (runs perfectly no lag)Touchscreen with multi-touchHardware AccelerationSpeakerphoneAudioOverclock (thanks to Technolover)GSM (no data)Sensors (accelerometer, proximity, etc)BluetoothGPS What doesn't Work: Everything else like:Mobile DataWi-FiCameraNotification LEDsetc There is still a huge amount of work to be done, but i invite anyone along to help with the cause of bringing the CyanogenMod to our LiquidMetals. Any help will be greatly appriciated. Installation Instructions: Download rev 2 If it fails signature check just disable signature verification, didn't have time to check if it worked. Screenshots Refer to next post for next update contents. [*]Tested on latest 4.000.13[*]Tested on ClockWorkMod Recovery v4.0.0.8[*]Take a nandroid backup to be safe[*]Wipe data/factory reset in recovery[*]Wipe dalvik-cache in recovery[*]Flash zip in recovery[*]Reboot
  9. OK i've come across an epic fail, i've used this rom for about a week ish, and now it just epic failed. It started by the phone just forgetting my google account, but now the wifi just stays at scanning, and now "accounts and sync" are completely gone from settings and the phone doesn't do very much now that it doesn't have accounts. There was also incidences of random freezing, could be when i was surfing the net, playing a game or waking the phone. I've flashed back to stock 2.3.5 with adt until i have more time to fiddle.
  10. Looks like someone has it working on the Liquid, I'll have a crack for the Liquid MT next week.
  11. what voltage level is on this stock kernel ? I'm guessing its going to be high Also will flashing a different voltage kernel still work here ?
  12. Whoaa man WTH are you doing ? your looking in the wrong forum, those roms are for the acer LIQUID not the LIQUID METAL. LIQUID MT Roms Gingerounay Ginger dmd Flash one of those and it will work.
  13. Thanks, I found this for anyone who wants to know what all the other governors do. Also, SmarassV2 doesn't work for me at 1.5Ghz, it just locks the phone up
  14. The apps2d in this rom automatically move everything to an ext partition, as i have found there are no stubborn apps unlike when using link2sd, you get an extra 60mb of internal storage doing it with the native app2sd.
  15. Yes yes, i know about regular over clocking, i',m just not sure what the new governors do, because they have weird names that doesn't really explain what they really do.
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