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  1. Hello I got back my skate ( Medion ) from the technical support ( GPS issue ) I've now to re-install atomic mod ... is this AtOmIcMod-ZTE-SKATE-B220612 a kind of "advanced" R13 ? What's the best partition size for this b220612 ( or R13 ) ? Thanks
  2. Hello Redstarr1 It took somes days ( one week maybe ) to reach them ..; It arrives to Medion the 29/05 ... it was send back the 7/06 and I received it the 11/06 Indeed , it's really strange that after replacing the motherbaord i still have issues ... :(
  3. For the update ... I got back my skate from the Medion support ... but I had to send it again ... for the same GPS issue I'm a bit lost , as in the summary of the actions done , they have replace the motherboard .... and I guess the GPS is on it Let's wait and see if the second repair will solve my issue wait & see !
  4. Redstarr1 ... That's really Impressive :) I'll download the files as soon as possible ( from home ) .. to keep it in a safe place ... I'll have to first wait my Skate to be back from the Medion support ... I got a mail to informe me that it was well arrived .. but still no update about the work done or the return date ... Well done :)
  5. The GPS on my skate was not fully dead , but really not usable I tested mutliple applications , rom .. but it was always the same .. maybe finding one satelite after 10 minutes .. but anyway not ok for navigation or track follow-up
  6. Redstarr1 ... The skate state , when send to the support was this : Working device ... but with a ZTE official rom ... It was better than a non bootable device ( I hope )
  7. Ho .. ok The follow-up of the package ( via Kiala ) .. state it's on his way or has reach the target since the 23/05 .. no other notification so far 23/05/2012 10:08 Retour en cours d'acheminement ou arrivé chez votre vendeur - contactez-le pour plus d'informations But not yet any mail from Medion Wait & see then
  8. My skate seems to be arrived to Medion ... ( "Kiala" follow-up ) ... lets wait a feeback from them !!
  9. der floo , for touchwiz ... it seems that the link to the file to download is a beta version .. ( not really best for me that uses my phone each day )
  10. :) ... I think he will stop a bit until the ZTE Era is there ... Skate is on the way to Medion support :)
  11. to port it to the skate ... Could you please port the AtomicMod to the Blade ? ... ( especially because I don't know how long I'll have to stay without my skate ) ;)
  12. I'll put a note in my todo :) .. do you have the plan to come back to a blade ? time to go & get some sleep for me for today .. the package to send to Medion is ready :)
  13. AtomicMod ; it was the one I was using ... in fact I was still in the old release 4 when my gps start failing ... I did the upgrade to R13 without any changes ... Hopefully I can use my Blade while the Skate is back to the support ... :) But the Blade Mix360 already miss the sliding shortcuts bar ... to reach all the settings :) Should maybe get use to it .. or fine another rom
  14. for my curiosity ; What rom do you use now ? der floo ? Why did you wanted to go back to the stock rom of medion ?
  15. Time is running for me .... I'll have to send it to Medion with a ZTE Stock rom ... Hope I'll not have to pay something because of that , even if it's under warranty!!! Anyway , I would like to thank you all for your advices , comments , files , and time !! That's really nice to see such community ... I think I'll stick to ZTE smartphone for a long time , especially because of that !!!
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