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  1. Sad. We all think that you may release one final ROM on Pyramid before selling it off, mate.
  2. Use the MX Player (Pro) or Vplayer to play recorded clip as a workaround. Not perfect, but more than OK though.
  3. Thanks for the link. Theoritically, it's correct, but I must be one of those with batt-calibrating OCD (not on every reboot, though, thank God). As for the wifi thingy, must have something to do with the fact that one ROM is Sense-based (ack!), while the other is AOSP-based.
  4. Not really, recalibrate the batt does help. Can you share the link, please? Is ARHD AOSP-based?
  5. Just delete the Music app using Terminal Emulator, then replace it with a music app such as the PowerAmp. Regarding the soft reboots while receiving calls, inserting/removing headphone, check your max CPU freq? 1,5+ GHz is too high for your particular phone? Agree that batt gauge is "jumpy" hence inaccurate with this kernel. Try to charge till full (use Batt Widget / Current WIdget to check for the lowest and most stable mA after 100% fully charged state is reached), then reset the batt state to recalibrate it. Hope it helps.
  6. +1 Music app causes reboot. Playing song in file explorer is a temporary workaround, but as the screen turns off so does the music being played. :mellow: Playback of mkv video still lags like 2secs with vplayer app. Realized that it keeps prompting to enter PIN for the SIM card twice, entering the first time prompted for the "Restart device. New SIM detected" message. But overall, it's an amazing ROM!
  7. Trip, my initial findings on Test #6: Video playback is no longer a problem, but must set video down to 720p as 1080p will make the camera unusable when you try to close the camera app ("Cannot connect to the camera). Using the vplayer, there's no longer lag, BUT volume of the sound becomes very weak in the Music app. Rebooted it, the Music app is normal again (the volume). Using the terminal emulator to put an edited media_profiles.xml (with already decrease bitrate for the 1080p) will cure the camera app f/c, but the sound volume is still very weak each time after the camera app is used. Sound quality of the phone is good. Data quality is slightly worse compares to last public release (unstable). Update: No matter how, video recording breaks the sound (volume). Now, please please let me test test#9 or 10 (upload somewhere else, or make it public, please)
  8. How's the test6 ROM, anybody? Video recording & playback, wifi, phone (sound quality), etc? Should be very very good...
  9. How do I get an access to your dropbox, again, Trip? I won't get Google+, any other method, please?
  10. I wish both (video) recording & playback will work flawlessly....somehow kind of managed to do so by tweaking the media-profiles.xml & using vplayer for video playback, still not perfect though.
  11. Anybody manage to record & play 1080p video without lag at all? Anybody? If so, what app/software you use? Thanks.
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