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  1. Android version - 2.3.7 Mod version - CyanogenMod - 7.2.0-blade If I change the ROM will this script work right ?
  2. Hi there ! I have problems with android version. When I start option 2,3 look what happen in the picture I attached.
  3. I'm using KonstaKANG gapps, but I want to try these gaps.
  4. Can you upload somewhere "GAPPS with Google Now and Voice Search" because when I try to download it sais " Error (509)This account's public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!"
  5. I've done this and it's not working for me. And I want to say that phone was first gen , not it's converted to 2 gen with TPT metod.
  6. Hello guys, I have problem with my proximity sensor. It works with android 2.2 ,but now I'm using Blade mix 365 and I can't calibrate it. When I push calibrate - it says "proximity sensor is ok" but there is still status: fail. I wiped everything and reflash my phone several times to understand when the sensor will work. Have you got any ideas why this happen or any solution ? P.S. Sory for my bad english.

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