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  1. billylows

    Social Jogger

    Of course its allright :) I thought i was being reprimanded :D
  2. billylows

    Social Jogger

    Ermmm... I was replying to JemAguilar who Posted 20 April 2012 - 05:00 PM
  3. billylows

    Social Jogger

    Originally Posted by senia I found the solution in a french ACER forum. You can't load in twitter because of your https twitter preferences. On my twitter account via the browser I explored my preferences and those preferences there is this option: HTTPS [] Always use HTTPS Use secure connection when possible to encrypt your account information. I disabled this option and it works: social jogger finally agreed to connect to my Twitter account
  4. billylows

    What Have You Bought For Your Acer?

    I bought a Puro silicon cover but I am unable to use it.It causes my phone to echo when fitted.
  5. billylows

    [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    I had this problem and found it was down to the gel case I was using, removed case problem solved !!
  6. billylows

    Updating to google play?

    I dont know if anyone has been able to update to play , is it possible ?
  7. billylows

    Updating to google play?

    I'm having the same "application not installed" problem ? using this
  8. billylows

    Acer announces Liquid Glow

    Vache has just released Acer CloudMobile ICS Firmware Leak My link
  9. billylows

    Remove US style phone numbers?

    What app did you use ? Does it only change the numbers you add after you have installed it or do the existing numbers in the phone book change?
  10. billylows

    Looking for a better battery

    Has anyone found anywhere that sells original replacement batteries ? , I am looking for one as a spare
  11. billylows

    Remove US style phone numbers?

    Did anyone have any joy in changing the phone numbers ? I can not find any app that does this for me
  12. billylows

    Insufficient space on device?

    My Dalvik cache is on SD-EXT Im using gingerounay 3.0.4 ,Facebook stopped syncing so I moved it back to the internal memory so far I have experenced no other problems,It leaves me 105mb of internal storage Is it okay to leave the dalvic cashe on SD ?
  13. billylows

    Whats more powerful ?

  14. billylows

    Got my Liquid Metal today

    1. Screen savers on ebay the ones I ordered do not cover the whole of the screen though :blink: ,Silicon case here http://www.puro.it/e...cer-mobiles.jsp 2.Only tried Gingerounay 3.0.1 but Very Happy :) 3 . you can But.................................................:unsure:
  15. billylows

    Looking for a better battery

    My display is using most of my battery :angry: I am not getting a day out of my Liquid MT any advice on the settings I should use ?

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