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  1. I've never had problems with screen calibration and/or sensitivity (for a resistive screen that is). My phone is the one with the camera that only worked with deadlink's kernel, so maybe touchscreen is a different revision.
  2. Hello, I'm new to Android development, but I've been learning the ins a outs of this. I recently purchased an "Impulse 4G" which actually is an Ideos X5, but not just a regular one, it's a U8800-51. When I bought it I didn't know there were 4 variants: U8800 (original) U8800H (very rare, for Hong Kong?) U8800-Pro (different SOC) U8800-51/Impulse 4G (same HW as plain U8800 with different radio, but ROMs are only compatible with -Pro, don't now why) Well, I found out the hard way that the ROMs for all these phones are not compatible, and that there are very few custom ROMs available, and the ones that were developing it stopped and did not release the sources. By custom ROM I mean built from source (be it AOSP, CM or AOKP), not based on an official ROM by Huawei. Now, what is needed to build a ROM from scratch is a device tree. I could not find proper docuementation on how to do this. If anyone has any experience with this and can give me a hand would be great. Once we get this I could start experimenting and hopefully we'll have a ROM for all (most) variants. So anyone interested?
  3. Hi, I rebooted the phone, activated logcat and did the following: - Activate WiFi - Open OI Notepad and try to write numbers and new lines (enter key) Will test other things later. logcat.txt
  4. Hello, I just installed the ROM v1.2 on my racer, I noticed that the keyboard bug is still present. I did a full wipe and reinstalled just in case, and the bug was still there. With the previous version I nticed that after a while (several hours) data conectivity was lost. It could be reactivated by either rebooting the phone or enabling and then disabling airplane mode. Will report if that behaviour is still present with v1.2 Some additional bugs found: - WiFi does not work - Turning on WiFi, changes network mode to 2G Don't know if it's related to the ROM update, but V6 supercharger does not work anymore, causes SM to FC. The script worked fine with all previous ROMS.
  5. I installed various keyboards from play store and all of them showed the same bug with the numbers, so maybe it's not a bug in keyboard.apk.
  6. Wifi sleep policy now works! Now it keeps the connection to a wifi network and does not disconnect when screen turns off or when locking the phone. 3D acceleration seems to work better than before. Enabling HW acceleration in "Air Traffic Control" resulted in garbage output or hard freeze, but now it works. Great job!
  7. Hi, I just installed the 20121107 on my Racer and everything seems fine, except for the keyboard, as it does not write numbers. If you type "1234567890" you get "l.adgjqx0" instead. This happens in most but not all apps. As deluro says, there seems to be more free RAM compared to other ROMS; mine has 46MB free vs ~34MB before, I've got all apps I had installed before. Even the camera works; it only worked with deadlink's kernel and not vamshi's. It seems 3D is working, games don't feel any slower.
  8. It seems there are several different camera models on the Racer phones. Jut like yours, mine does not work with vamshi's kernel, but it does work with deadlink's, as it seems to have the required drivers. But even with deadlink's kernel, the camera works at 2MP instead of 3.2MP, and the image quality is not very good. Only with the original (stock) ROM did the camera work at 3.2MP. You can find the DL link for deadlink's kernel in the first post of this thread.
  9. Racerboy: I applied the patch and cleared the cache, but the camera still does not work. In the meanwhile I reverted to the original #257v2and disabled the lockscreen, not an optimal solution, but works.
  10. Hello, I've installed #257v2 and everything was great except for the lockscreen issue. To fix that I updated to vamshi's kernel #68, after this the lockscreen issue is gonem but now the camera does not work. The camera on my phone did not work with previous ROMs from RacerBoy (using vamshi's kernel), but it did work with deadlink 's kernel.
  11. Here's the stock ROM for the Movistar Link as sold in Nicaragua (Gen1): Download here It was made using CWM. Unzip to your SD in the clockworkmod/backup directory and then use the restore backup option in CWM. Remember to do a full wipe and clear caches before restoring.
  12. Another thing that I noticed in #256 is that there's no notification icon for WiFi then it's on. Haven't tested #257, so don't know if that's been fixed.
  13. Podrias compartir tu stock rom de Movistar Link? tengo un telefono igual al tuyo el cual quiero llevar al centro de atencion para ver el problema de la camara (es de menor calidad que la ofrecida), saludos y gracias

  14. With previous ROMs the WiFi only stayed connected when the phone was charging, otherwise it would turn off when locked and reactivate upon unlocking. Now the behavior is the same when on battery than when charging, WiFi stays always on! This is great for me.

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