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  1. Hello Friends I purchased acer liquid metal at 13.5K two months ago for my brother. now my friend want buy this phone at 13K. And I m impressed by spice MI410 which also available 13K. The only fear i have that spice mi410 have a dust in screen problem. So please tell me that this problem will occur 100% after few months ? Even i use pouch or any guard ? is there anyway to avoid this dust in screen problem ? also please u r suggention.
  2. Stucked at welcome screen "Acer, technolovers kernal" using gogerouny 3.0. plz help.
  3. wow vache... really big thanx.. this is what called as bugless till now, i m using this from 3 days, still no major problem. but found that boot takes much time than official 2.3 and dmd ROM. awesome work. Update : sometimes auto rotate screen gets off automatically in setings, we need to manually turn it on. plz fix this. i m using go laucher.
  4. Sorry, but same problem of of boot loops happening when apps/data/dalvik enabled in update also ie 2.5.1. moving back to ginger dmd. hope new version will fix it.
  5. So is this bug less ? No reboots ? No hanging on boot ? No force close apps ?
  6. Thanx for partitioning tutorial. why set swap partition to 0 ? I heard that it can be used as RAM or virtual memory.. plz explain..
  7. Rebooting, rebooting and rebooting... Sometime boot hangs... Sometimes apps got missing.. Sometime power off switch not working.. . But overall nice Rom.. Just need some bugfixing.. Hope fixed version soon.. . Openvpn is working on this, this is main advatage. Can anybody tell me that to make work vpn on dmd ?
  8. Can i apply test_boot_5 low voltage by david after flashing with this ?
  9. 1gb for which partition ? plz tell me me that what size for fat32, ext4 and linux swap ?
  10. ok.. I checked it. I m using 8gb adata card with class 6. Now tell me, what partition size do u prefer for good speed ?
  11. Currently I m using Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp by davidevinavil which is bugless and allow you to oc upto 1.5 ghz. Now I m planning to move on [ROM] Gingerounay 2.5 (14/10/2011) by Vache. (This also support for oc upto 1.5 GHZ.)
  12. Hello friends. I started one topic before for basic help, but no one replied. But I managed to get lot of info in this forum. Thanx To all geeks. . Now my question is what is use of partitioning sd card ? current i m using Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp by davidevinavil and now thinking to move on [ROM] Gingerounay 2.5 by vache, (nothing problem in previous, just want to see new one. . so plz explain me thigs about partitioning sd card. . Thanx.
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