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  1. I had problems with the market, then I realised I installed the gapps for 4.2 Went onto some thread around here and found 4.1.x stripped gapps and it's working so far
  2. apologies- spelling mistake in my post. I made the HOLE bigger by using a screwdriver. It didn't resolve the issue enough for me and I've now moved onto a Sony Xperia Arc S (gorgeous phone!)
  3. One of those topics is mine. Thankfully I rarely call otherwise it would be a huge issue. I opened the phone up and tried to blow excess dust out. I then got my screwdriver and made the mic whole bigger. This has helped slightly
  4. Any help on this would be great. I'm using the app "Sound Recorder" and can hear myself pretty well once recorded. I just phoned my home phone answer machine a load of times though. With the phone to my ear - no sound is recieved by the other side. Using the phone as speakerphone - my voice is there but heavily muffled. I've scoured the web but can't find any way to calibrate my mic during calls
  5. Reduce the volume to about 80% on your phone. Turn up the volume on your car radio. Works with my mp3 player
  6. Noticed this recently that people cannot hear me during calls. If I turn on the speaker during calls, callers are able to hear me but it's low. I used a voice recorder app and I was able to hear my voice relatively clear. Is there any software way that I can up the volume of my mic or re-calibrate it?
  7. I use a version on rooted stock and it works. It doesn't work on everything - but it does work.
  8. cheers - definitely a huge issue - and worth a sticky http://android.modaco.com/topic/345415-black-screen-when-calling/
  9. I noticed a problem with my Orange Monte Carlo. If I make a phone call - say to Balance. Once the call connects, the screen goes black. The phone call continues but nothing I do will make the screen work again. None of the hardware buttons do anything. If I were calling a friend and they hung up - I think the screen goes back to normal. But on a service like balance (or a friends answer machine) - it doesn't hang up and there is no way to get out. I have to remove the battery. I have this problem with ADW and Go Launcher Ex Edit - Also occurs with Launcher 7 It does not happen with the Stock Orange Home. I have a rooted OMC with stock.
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