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  1. Hey, i have a problem not specifically related with this rom but it happens with this one too (it happens with a lot of previous roms) When i have to phone connected to charger and the battery if fully charged it reboots a lot when i´m using it. It makes a brief graphic corruption and it reboots. Sometimes it happens when not fully charged but not very common. It´s boring because sometimes i´m doing something that consumes a lot of battery and would be nice that i could have it connected to the charger but i can´t due to the reboots. Any ideia why? Thanks
  2. An update: it seems ok after the first reboot / recharge
  3. Hey, Theres any issue concerning the battery life? I´ve installed this rom yesterday at night at full charge and today at afternoon the battery was fully depleted. I have not much software installed and on the bat statistics it says the most discharge was caused on idle
  4. I´ve installed this rom today and i couldn´t install gapps through Rom Manager. Everytime i was to install, it said Rom Manager stop working. I had to installed it through recovery menu. But the boring part are the random reboots. I´m not overclocking it
  5. The only thing i have is Link2sd. Maybe it´s the cause.I´ve uninstalled it and for two times the phone boots at first attempt.. But could be an coincidence. I´ll test better
  6. I still get a problem with this version. It´s a nightmare to turn on the phone. I have to turn on and off the phone multiple times until i can get it to work properly. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes until i can use it. When the phone should exhibit the unlock pattern, it won´t. It only shows the wallpaper (bigger than usual), without the unlock pattern and some artifacts on top. I could do a video if it helps
  7. I have the same problem. I have to restart the phone 4 or 5 times until i can get it working. I use the unlock pattern too But what bothers me more is the wireless. If i am next to the router, everything works more or less ok, but a little farther, the signal drops a lot and it´s a lot inconsistent. It connects, disconnects, connects, disconnects.. Sometimes also happens it shows signal, is connected, i have internet and the signal bars are grey instead of blue. Problem isn´t with my router because if i turn on Wi-Fi on places where are other networks and search for them, the finding is a lot inconsistent too. Without moving the phone, it finds some networks, then they disappear, then return and so on.. I really don´t remember whats the previous rom i used to have, but since i installed the 24.11 and 27.12 these things starts to happen :(
  8. Besides the Wi-Fi problem (low signal and instable connection) i still have another problem. Many times after the reboot, doesn´t appear the screen to unlock pattern. It only apears the wallpaper without anything. I must reboot the phone many times until i can unlock the phone.
  9. Regarding the Wi-Fi problem, maybe the Blade comes with different chipsets?
  10. I´m still having problems with wireless.. Not stable at all.. Even close to the router, the connection "drops" a lot. I mean, the wireless icon is on, full signal but it stops navigating. Also, i notice the overall signal is weaker than it used to be.
  11. I´ve installed this rom today and until now, i´m having 4 problems.. On the gallery, if i scroll down, the phone reboots Sometimes on startup, the unlock pattern doesn´t appears. Only the wallpaper and some strange color artifacts on top. I have to reboot the phone again. Wireless isn´t stable. Sometimes it takes ages to connect and then it drops the connection a lot.. Connects, disconnects and so on.. Native cam app doesn´t work like it should bem.. On photo mode sometimes has many artifacts on preview (on Camera 360 is ok) and on video mode has artifacts too and when i start to record crashes or record only artifacts. Everything else i´ve tested it seems ok, but i didn´t explore everything yet My phone is a Sapo a5 (from Portugal). Zte Blade based with 512MB RAM Edit: Changed my Wifi channel from 6 to 1 and it seems more stable.. Strange.. I haven´t any other networks around me. However not 100% stable yet.. some random pauses on downloads
  12. Well, it seems my problem is software related.. I´ve tried Camera 360 Ultimate and for now, the few pics i have taken, are ok. Not on pair with N73 but it wasn´t never.. Now it seems ok for the ZTE camera quality. For now, Camera 360 will be my default cam app
  13. I´ve already have selected it.. And it seems no change at all.. On Macro, Infinite, Auto, etc.. The final results seems the same or at least no big difference
  14. Hi, Need a little help here. Can´t specify since when i have this specific problem, but i think it cames on last Cyanogen 7´s and stills on this Coldfusion. Don´t know if it´s a software or hardware problem but something is not right with camera quality. It only focus near. Everything far, are out of focus. It happens with stock app and with LG Camera. I have forced infinite focus but the result is the same. Here are few examples: Here a picture taken with my "old" Nokia N73: The camera is the 5mp version (Sapo a5 - Portugal)

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