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  1. Any help with the above question please?
  2. Do the ROMs in the second post specifically have to go in either the SD card or nand? I was going to use H3 Blues on one and PA on the other so which should go on the nand and which on the SD please?
  3. Ok, thanks for that. After seeing the other references to ZTE and skate in the build.prop file I had thought more of them might need to be changed. Hopefully I understand it a bit better now.
  4. Hi, and thanks for an awesome ROM. Found some information over in the Blade section about editing build.prop to enable playing of some HD games that are not natively allowed on certain android phones. Then found a program called build.prop Editor which I used to make a back-up then I had a look at the set-up of the build.prop in this ROM. Found that ro.product.manufacturer was set to HTC so changed ro.product.model to DesireHD. Would any further changes be needed to enable this handset for better gaming? Thanks for any assistance or advice.
  5. Found a program called build.prop Editor. In the AtomicROM for the Skate, ro.product.manufacturer was already set to HTC, so changed ro.product.model to DesireHD. Any further changes needed? I know this is the Blade section, but I have a blade to try this on also and would like to see the information available and applied to both ZTE models. Thanks.
  6. Can't say I follow this entirely as yet, but does something similar work on the Monte Carlo? Does it break or change any other functions? Elaboration on what steps are done on the computer, which on the phone and so on would be great if and when anyone has the time and inclination. Cheers.

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