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  1. That is correct, but you can use Performance pack7 to avoid the issue. If onGR5,in CWM, flash PP7 (takes 10-15 minutes), then immediately HP RC9, then reboot.
  2. Adobe announced that a last update for Flash will be made for ICS.
  3. Same WiFi issue happens to me on first 11 Nov version, 2-3 times since install, after reboot all is fine again, no big deal Regarding the SMS, if You receive same messages multiple times, that could be a signalling issue between Your phone and the network base station. The station does not receive an acknowledgement of message receipt, so it sends the messages again in the preset retry period. It is not so uncommon but happens mostly in lower quality networks, low signal area, congested network...
  4. Did not try the new kernel yet, but there was a bug before, when filming/recording and also freeze when watching video and screen goes to sleep. Flashing HP resolved this. I am currently on RC8revised and working great. Regarding the HP with 20L sources and wiping, spica just posted an update about this, involving the Performance pack: "Originally Posted by spica1234 FOR V20L USERS PP7 IS MUST. JUST BCOZ. V20L RAMDISK HAS BUG WHICH WIPES INTERNAL SD IF V20L SOURCE BASED CUSTOM KERNEL IS INTRODUCED. PP7 FIXES THE RAMDISK FOR THAT. ITS MUST TO BE INSTALLED PRIOR TO RC9." P.S. In my opinion, the new custom kernels are not yet ready for daily use, stick with the older tried versions for some time, you do not loose anything but gain stability.
  5. For me the signal issues disappeared on GR5 (had issues on GR4), with the new 725 baseband. You can also try manual network selecting,select 3G/UMTS signal of your network, not GSM (for example after manual network scan I have Tele2UMTS and Tele2GSM to select), it solved the issue to one forum member. EDIT: talking about the data signal issue, to be clear
  6. That is good enough. but try Antutu benchmark for more relevant results. GR5 + HP RC8-revised Overclock 1408 Mhz: Antutu score:6929 Quadrant score: 4050 Achieved this some time ago but on 1.5, and a lesser real life performance GR4 + HP RC5 Overclock 1.5 Ghz: Antutu score:7094 Quadrant score:4130
  7. AFAIK Netflix is available in Brasil so You just need to make the app work. Masquerading the phone as a Nexus S should be enough (from kitchen) or editing build.prop: ro.product.model=Nexus S ro.product.manufacturer=samsung If that is not enough, change the device fingerprint, use this for source http://new.glbenchma...estgroup=system then: Settings -> Manage Applications -> All -> "Market"-------Clear Cache, then Force Stop -- DO NOT clear data Settings -> Manage Applications -> All -> "Google Services Framework" ------Clear data, then Force Stop Hope it helps P.S. masquerading makes Voodoo sound to fail recognizing the Voodoo enabled kernel
  8. From what i know, MCK kernels are not available to download separately, only with the ROM
  9. 11 Nov 12:30 version kitchen bake found 1 issue, only on automatic brightness the screen dimming before the screen goes off is not working, the screen just goes off, also when charging and "stay awake" the screen stays fully on without dimming. Anybody else with same issue?
  10. " Added silent camcorder" Strange, my camera already has the no sound option for some reason :)
  11. Wiped all, back to ext3, flashed GR5 and HP-RC8-R together. Booting fine, boot time ok. restored all my apps and data. Performance is great for now even on stock speeds, seems bug free. Overclock 1408 Mhz: Antutu score:6929 Quadrant score: 4050
  12. "Fixed dalvik-cache delete in boot image with third party kernels" Enough for me :) installing this today. Thanks Paul! So full wipe or not if on GR4?
  13. CWM will always remain available, but depending on the version it will or will not read EXT4 backups. Use this version, it works with both EXT3 and EXT4: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1098745 With this You will be able to restore backups no matter what EXT version they are. It is good to always keep "back to EXT3"(wipes data) and "universal EXT4 converter"(converts to ext4, without wipe) on Your SD card.
  14. You can try that now, and later switch back to GR5 when public, because later You will think "wonder how Thanatos or Topo feels like" and it is easy to restore from a cwm backup to a working rom, if You do not like it :) and is hard to try a new rom if the one You are using is working good (but as we know every rom, stock or custom has its own little issues and/or benefits). Additionally it will make You more comfortable with the flashing process, and since You have kitchen access I predict a lot of baking :)
  15. Since You are already on the new (4 files) baseband and GR4,just flash the new ril from 20L. I am on that setup and it works great, good battery, no data issue, no FD bug. And dont forget to recalibrate battery :)
  16. You are welcome. Actually it happened once or twice that i booted with the GPS off, did not make any difference, but to me the always GPS works fine, the main reason being that after every flash I let it boot with GPS on and let it get a good fix for the first time, that way I avoid the GPS cold start after booting with GPS off. Also the first cold boot and first fix I make trough the hidden menu GPS testing, avoiding any GPS apps and A-GPS location data download. I observed that following that procedure I did not have any issues even after flashing multiple times,. Just follow the CWM procedure and use it to flash u new ROM and You are set to go, as probably the ROM You will flash is already rooted, there is really no need for Rom manager. There are multiple guides and if You get unlucky there is always a guide of a way to fix it, all You need is on the first page of this 2X forum section. In a few days You will be flashing, bricking,fixing restoring,reflashing and changing kernels during Your first morning coffee directly from Your device with multiple roms stored on the SD card. Have fun :)
  17. Never had GPS issues on any rom, now I am on gr4, but I always boot with with GPS on, because I think it does not drain battery, if it does, than it is a very small amount. I never use any GPS fix that are floating around (some will not help as are configured for different parts of the world), just added the Nokia supl servers at some point, maybe it helped sometime but they are not activated in the last 4 flashes made and I still have no issues with GPS. The main thing is to let it get a good fix for the first time. Nanodroid is just a regular backup made in CWM. When updating the same rom, full wipe is not needed. If flashing a different rom, then do a "full wipe", cache wipe, dalvik cache wipe (advanced in CWM), and be sure to delete battery stats in CWM to recalibrate (full process is explained on many web sites.
  18. For LG weather You need LG launcher (i think there is an app "any widget picker" or similar that lets You use widgets with different launchers, correct if I am wrong). See the first page, extreme is Gingerbread style, if You want LG launcher flash "stock edition" , or restore LG launcher and LG home selector and widgets from Titanium backup (flash stock, backup LG components, flash vanilla, restore LG launcher+home selector).
  19. Dont mention it, we are here to help and share info :) Do not have any info on rooting GB, last time I used Super One Click while still on 2.2.2., did not need it after. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1037751
  20. @ Paul Since Ximo still has issues that make his phone mostly unusable, would it be ok if I bake a custom ROM by his preferences and make it available to download just for him? Would not make it available for others, as You do not want the ROMs mirrored elsewhere. Maybe a fresh bake would solve his issues.
  21. Sorry to hear that Your problems are still present. Yes, my problems with data are over for a few days now. My journey went like this: Was on old 725 Gingerbread baseband and GR4 prebake HPRC4, had data issues, Converted back to EXT3 (wiped all), installed kitchen bake GR4 with stock kernel + LG theme and programs (no 2G toggle settings installed). Data connection works, tried the phone info -data reconnects correctly after 10 seconds. After that, i tried "universalEXT4converter" in cwm and converted the the ROM that is already installed, flashed HP RC5-test version. Data connection still works, tried the phone info -data reconnects correctly after 10 seconds. Noticed that occasionally the data issue still happens, but very rare. Flashed HP RC6.- still ok, with rare issues.FD bug still present from before. Did backup in CWM. Downloaded V20l deodexed for CWM to external card. Flashed the new (4 part) baseband, without disconnecting the phone, just waited one reboot to LG logo cycle after,and did the volume button thingy to go to SW update again for every 4 files. Let the phone to boot to the fresh factory reseted rom. Back in CWM, (wiped all for good measure), installed V20l deodexed (worked smooth,noticed the "Settings-about phone" crash issue). Back in CWM, (wiped all for good measure), restored GR4+HP RC6 from backup, again convert to EXT4 (just in case) Booted to GR4, opened LG ril program,updated database, scanned phone to find the V20l ril (Italian) from the downloaded ROM on external card, installed italian ril. Rebooted. No data hangs noticed for now, checked aLogcat- FD issue resolved. For now almost perfect for me.Battery life good, just long boot.
  22. The LG update tool will not mess things up if you are on GR rom, it will simply abort the update process ,because of CWM (tried it), or think that you are already on the latest version if you flashed the latest baseband. If you try the links I provided before, you will find the download links in the result. That will be the original rom and matching baseband and ril, so you are sure it is correct, and you can flash it directly avoiding the flashing of older stock and then updating.
  23. I think that improvements will be mainly in stability and reliability, as Paul now has a base on which to build the roms, and new kernel source for Gingerbread. So no new big changes i presume, aside Pauls known tweaks, to get a stable and good performing system. We will probably get a few other more extreme kernels based on the new source at XDA. For now, the only thing I hope, is Paul to comment those lines out for the stock kernel, so we get a fast boot time after installing other kernels, then I am set for some time until something big happens :)
  24. I went a different way: flashed the new baseband and the restored my previous backup with GR4 + HP RC6, then installed the ril from this official update (Italian one). So far everything works good, signal is stable, no FD issues, battery stats cleared but have not done yet a full power cycle to calibrate, now my battery is at 82% after 9 hours of light use. Had only one issue when sending a text message failed, manual resend worked, but that is probably just random and not related. So far, so good.
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