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  1. I have app file with explorer but i don't know how to iinstall it without access to him. Because when i haven't explorer i have no access to file in sd card. This is the question- how to install app with the terminal or with CWM
  2. No I have browser. I need explorer (like ES explorer or asrtro explorer or stock one). Please if you have make me another zip file with explorer.
  3. I haven't found stock one. I tried with terminal emulator but without effect. Please help me more what exactly i must write in terminal emulator to install app file ho is located in sdcard
  4. Hi! I installed the last version of this build. And i have one confusion. There isn't ANDROID EXPLORER anywhere. When i flashed every new build i must to rename my ip address, because when I format system my ip is to default 11:22:33:44:55:66 and every time i change it. And now i don't connect to google play to download any browser. Please help me to install any browser via clockwork Mod. Thank you in advance.
  5. I noticed actually, if you wait long enough for about 7-8 seconds displays caller ID, but it is very uncomfortable. Normal is displayed immediately caller ID P.S.- Is there a chance for someone to answer me or I'm not trying to write unnecessary? And without writing my English is quite difficult for me.
  6. Can anyone help me? Sorry for my English. Actually the problem does not occur always, but often and It is very annoying. You can not understand what they seek and see only the phone number. I import all my contacts in phone memory but the problem remains
  7. Hello! I choose ICS ColdFusion (CM9- CECO last build). I have a problem with incoming calls. When someone rings me caller ID don't work, and did not show caller ID although i have this number in my address book. Please help what could be the problem
  8. When i find to download ver.2 or only camera.apk for replace with camera360.apk, because i hadn't got ice armor until yet?
  9. Where can I see Android_ID in this rom? In one application (Kick it out) is need Android_ID - unique otherwise the registration is not possible. So there is this rоm? And if no,how can I try to change my ID.? Thank you in advance.
  10. Hi! Thank you very much for this job!!! I have one question about it: In section 5 of the instruction writes: "5. You are supposed to have ZTE driver properly installed in windows beforehand. Run download.exe, you should find the port number where your phone is connected displayed correctly in the software interface. Just click start and wait the flash process to be completed." Where I find ZTE driver? I never instaled that driver in my computer.
  11. I can not find ZTE driver for Windows. When I connect my phone it say USB connected or turn on USB storage. Do I need an additional driver?
  12. Yes ! I don't believe them. I asked them about this device and they told me that they waiting for a solutions for this model, but now haven't. Everybody looking for unlocking method but for now not solutions.How long is not clear...
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