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  1. Sorry asking a offtopic question.wanted to whether amoled or IPS LCD screen is better.I read a lot on Google but couldn't find satisfied answer.actually I m looking for another mobile (pref. Gionee elife e5).
  2. Can anybody help me for custom tpt.not supporting for this ROM?even not able to tpt to stock gen2.I have already tpt to 160 mb and wanted it to 200 mb
  3. because there is lag.scrolling is not that much smooth. so I reverted to 4.1 and this is my opinion,I may be wrong.
  4. ohh sorry. now it works but your 4.1.0 is still superior than 4.1.1 thanks
  5. thanks konataT for new update...but I am getting an error in camera after installing some apps that camera has been disabled because of security policy
  6. hey thanks, I tried to install from recovery but couldn't install it.anyway installed link2sd again.
  7. hey, can anybody tell which cronmod script is best.there are 3-4 types
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