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  1. misterbartlett

    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    This is strange. I don't understand why people are having problems with the unlock. I bought my Moto G on 20-11-2013 from Tesco for £99, locked to their own network, not even a O2 SIM card would work. Anyway, within the next day or so, I seen other users were able to unlock through the IMEI and code entry, purchasing the code from Ebay for just over £2 - £2.04 IIRC), which made me take the gamble. Long story short, I too purchased the unlock code through the same Ebay user and to my surprise... Code Accepted - Unlocked for any network. I have since unlocked bootloader, installed CWM / custom ROM and rotted the device... not rotted sorry, that sounds disgusting :huh: .. ROOTED the device, but no problems so far - still unlocked. So i suppose, my message here is to say, don't be put off buying the phone because of troubles unlocking, because it is very possible - both cheap and easy. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post links to the ebay seller I used or not, so I have left it out of this post. I'm happy to PM though. It's a lot of phone for not a lot of money to miss out on. Hope you all had a good xmas and new year ahead. Mark.
  2. Sorry mate, i was only watching the command window and device from a distance without reading. I did notice 2 or 3 lines on the phone though, highlighted yellow, but no idea if they were errors or not I'm afraid. The phone seems to run fine, but I haven't re-rooted or installed cwm recovery yet. I see flibblesan has a warning for sim locked phones, with reports of re-locking if i read it right. I'm a bit paranoid of going any further now. lol. My phone was locked, so i got the code off ebay for £2 ish. Does anybody know if this will be affected with re-root and cwm recovery install? My Moto G is the 8Gb version from Tesco mobile in UK, which I had rooted before flashing this new KitKat rom. Am i safe? Should I start freaking out? LOL.
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for this upload. I have just installed this update to KitKat, I'm amazed. It's really quick. Installed 1st time without a hitch. The awesomeness of the Moto G continues. This is the best value device i have ever purchased. £99 @ Tesco, it's madness. When the update finished, the phone didn't leave the bootloader menu, so I had to select "normal startup" with VOL- button, then VOL+ to select. Also noticed when booting immediately after, the Motorola logo appears to freeze, but just needed to be patient. Just a little heads-up to help anxiety of others. :) Thanks again.
  4. misterbartlett

    A thank you note...

    I too would like to say a huge thank you to you all, along with developers for Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000) ROMs. I now have the Moto G too, which i snapped up for no more than £99 from Tesco. Bought an unlock code for £2.04 and just now trying to root. Probably one of the best value devices (Moto G) I have seen. I'm really happy with it and i'm sure you will be too mate. All the best. Thanks again Devs.
  5. misterbartlett

    Root your Moto G - option 2: Modified recovery

    me too mate. USB debugging on or off doesn't get me adb device name. I'm on Tesco 8Gb with unlocked bootloader. Should cmd be run as admin?

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