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  1. Thanks for this rom, I just flashed it to my GF's phone and seems nice. If remember right, the cm7 is best for our blades because the kernel supports it natively or something like that, compared to later cms? When I had blade long ago, I used always the latest CM from konstat.
  2. Gotta say that this is S4 mini performance is what i needed from phone (its like upgrading HDD to SSD in a pc), but didnt have money for it before. This is just awesome. Thanks konstat and others for great times with blade(s), without you those phones would have been much less than they are now.
  3. Thanks konsta from answering! Well of course I never expected blades to be any good as the 3-4x pricier phones. I just now have the money to move from them, so I have been searching for the next phone to buy :) Seems I will stick with qualcomm then, I just had to aks if anyother chipset was good for custom roms :P I think ill go with the s4 mini. Nexus 4 just doenst have sdcard slot, if it had I would buy it.
  4. Hello, I have been thinking of upgrading from this blade 3, since well its pretty laggy compared to 300-400€ phones. I have been thinking of sony xperia v and samsung s3. Xperia has official cyanogenmod. Samsung seems to have better battery(usage), but it doesnt have qualcomm chipset so how good can cm be on the phone? It has Exynos 4412 Quad. http://www.modaco.co...16#entry2125216 Does that apply for exynos too? Edit: Well seems that samsung s4 mini is 399e, 40e pricier than xperia, but it has qualcomm.
  5. I feel sorry for you konstat, there are easy and simple instructions and still these people dont badword get it. I think you should have your own forum for your roms, where you could just ban/mute idiots. Every thread since you started has been the same. Have few beers to relax from me!
  6. Damn i have totally missed this. You're just awesome. I hope you will buy zte blade iv when zte releases it ;) To testing-> Edit: After testing I found out that whatsapp sounds work on this rom! Seems to be a daily driver for me, unlike the 4.2.2 version. Edit2: Also seems that instagram doesnt crash in this rom compared to 4.1.2, where it crashed with 90% chance when looking the news section. Big thanks!
  7. So none you guys use whatsapp? Could some be bothered to try it out for this problem?
  8. God damn it, whats wrong with my phone(My phone is from saunalahti finland)+this rom+whatsapp. Now I formatted everyting except sdcard, also deleted whatsapp folders from sdcard. Reflashed the rom, cpufix and gapps. Didnt use titanium backup to restore anything, didnt change settings, only activated google play and downloaded whatsapp. Everything works except whatsapp notification sounds, have tried different sounds (all of them play on the previewing). Attached logcats, but from what i understand of it, nothing seems to be wrong? 2013-08-13-14-04-17whatsapp.txt device_info.txt
  9. Well im guessing there's always room for errors on: backup compression restore -procedure and some apps work differently or look different on different android versions.
  10. Well if he wouldnt have posted some instructions, there would be even more whine and people spamming about problems on installing.. And as he said produce a logcat of the problem and upload it here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nolanlawson.logcat&hl=en install, put it on record and try to reproduce the problem and then stop it -> upload the .txt file here.
  11. Okays so finally got around to make logcats of my problem with this rom. So the problem is with whatsapp and notification sounds, which don't play when i get messages. Vibrating and the led flashing work on incoming messages. Everything works fine in android 4.1.2. Have tried different versions of whatsapp, with no help. Notification sounds work with other apps, example with gmail which i also logcat'ed. Edit: Installed the 4.2.2 rom by: Factory reset/format. Formated system. Wiped dalvnik cache. Flashed rom. Flashed gapps. Booted up, activated google account, downloaded whatsapp and still the sounds dont work. Have also tried restoring whatsapp with titanium (from the working 4.1.2), didnt help. From my point of view theres few changes on this rom "soundwise" compared to 4.1.2: settings dps manager is selected in the settings as (something cant remember) notification soundpack Also seems that im not the only one with the problem since someone else reported the same on a finnish forum murobbs. Can make more logcats and if I need to do something specific while logging just tell me. This the first time im having problems with blade roms :( 2013-07-24-14-33-31whatsapp.txt device_info.txt 2013-07-24-14-18-37gmail.txt
  12. Didnt fix for me :( well anyways I like the separate navigation so rather stay on version 6.
  13. Its on 4.1.2 too so guessing its a gmaps problem, reverting back to previous version of gmaps..
  14. So nobody has any idea about this problem? I'll logcat next time i try it again.
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