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  1. Onthe evening of east AmericaOct. 5, 2011, Apple’s co-founder and former chief executive Steve Jobs diedfrom cancer at the age of 56 in the United States. He, as atechnological innovation leader, resigned from his role as Apple's CEO which oncereverberated around the world. This leave, whereas, would have to drew mankindendless mourning and memories. Becauseof Steve, the world refresh from a dreadful monotone. Chinese netizen thought,Jobs, Apple Godfather, has greatlyenlightened the descendents huge spiritual wealth. The best way without doubtis to act it out. Some netizen pointed out, Chinese start-up should absorbbeneficial experience from Jobs legacy in his lifetime so as to promoteinnovative miracle in China. Today,it is the first seventh for Jobs. Ashis loyal fans, we wish to express our best regards with our innovative spiritand surpassed product. www.xpphone.com
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