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  1. i understand. but what i don't get is why it was fine in b007, but not in b008. i even tried replacing the vending.apk from b007, to no avail. the store simple says that these apps are not compatible with my device. what's more, is that neither titanium backup, nor miui's own backup can restore these apps either. this leads me to believe that something at the ROM level has changed ever so slightly. because this is only for a few apps, not for all of them. they don't even show up while searching for them on the play store anymore. i'd be okay with all other apps not being installed, but i need twicca. any help would be great! cheers!
  2. i'm getting device incompatibility errors with some apps. the strange thing is, they were fully working on B007, and just about every other ROM i've installed. any suggestions? i tried editing the build.prop's device name to "HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e" as in my previous ROM's build.prop, but no difference.
  3. market's working, man...the solution is on the last page...
  4. how will that work? does that mean it's just a sense skin? like a miui-ed senseless rom, i.e., with all the lag and crashes that come along for the ride?
  5. just a quick question : anyone know how to get google talk working on this ROM? i tried flashing the latest gapps (20120304) and fixing permissions, but the talk app just doesn't show up...
  6. Does anyone know how to make the Automatic Brightness level just a little bit higher? It manages to keep up with varying conditions very well, but the phone looks downright dull in any low light scenario. It's as if the 'pitch-dark' setting and 'low-light' setting are the same level... Also, the LED indicator is acting weird. Instead of flashing green like it normally does, it glows green while simultaneously flashing red. Anyone else experiencing the same? And does anyone have a clue how to fix it?
  7. Trip, I've flashed every update, including kernels when you've recommended it...unfortunately, I keep experiencing overheating. If I so much as leave my screen on for a few seconds, the temperature rises by 3-4 degrees. Battery life is no better, as it starts to plummet when I start using the phone for anything that takes more than a couple of minutes. I tried underclocking it to 1.1 GHz (using CPU Master), but that didn't help either. (Incidentally, I always do a full wipe , cache wipe and dalvik wipe before flashing, then a cache wipe, dalvik wipe and fix permission before rebooting into the ROM for the first time.) I understand that this could be a MIUI thing, and not your ROM's issue in general, but do you have any recommendations for what I could do? Also, I keep facing the same issue with the LED flash. If I set it to 'Green (default)', at any pulse rate, the LED behaves rather strangely - it glows green continuously, and the flash itself is orange. It's like a strange mix of Green and Red. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
  8. Is anyone noticing a weird misalignment of the progress bar in PowerAmp? It's really quite annoying...
  9. Sorry to keep repeating this, but any suggestions? This didn't get fixed, even with a full wipe, cache wipe, dalvik wipe and a permission fix, which is why I'm slightly concerned... Also, MIUI music seems to overheat my phone. It's okay as long as I use PowerAmp, but listening to music using the native player for about 15 minutes causes my phone to heat up to about 40 degrees and battery level to plummet...
  10. I tried that first. :) I've tried all the colors and tried all pulse rates. Weird thing is, if I set it to Red, it works perfectly. I don't want it to pulse red, however, since I don't want to think I'm out of battery all the time!
  11. First off, thanks a bunch, Trip. You've helped me find the good side to my Sensation. :) Quick question : Is anyone else's LED acting weird? I tried searching for it in the forum, but couldn't find a response. Basically, if I set my LED color to Green (Default), the pulse is quite strange - The LED glows green, and I get a flashing orange. It's a mix of the two. I'd really like for it to be the usual flashing green. Any suggestions? Cheers!
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