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  1. Thanks for your explanation @PaulOBrien, unfortunately I only received a mail from haveibeenpwned regarding the breach. Hopefully the breach will not lead to further damage for all involved users. This again makes us think about passwords and good use of it. Time to step up my LastPass game.
  2. Nexus 4 is coming soon, bye HTC. The One S is a nice phone but I can't even use Google navigation as it's crashing after the last update by HTC. Re-installing etc. didn't help. Can't wait to get my hands on the Nexus, 4.3 and maybe even more updates.
  3. Here the O2x costed ~€550 when released. So that's comparable with other high-end phones. I did expect a better and faster software support. Next phone won't be a LG, that's for sure.
  4. Could be, they were not more specific then Q3. Androidworld (Dutch website) earlier said Q3 also, so I was curious about the releasedate. Their tweet about the new ROM was a perfect time to ask.
  5. According to LG webcare The Netherlands the release is planned for Q3. They told me this yesterday.
  6. Modaco Gr6 + MCK r26 Experimental EXT3 runs fine here.
  7. maniac2003


    Super OneClick worked for me: http://shortfuse.org/?page_id=2
  8. Features look good, keeping an eye on this one. Edited: Removed my remark.
  9. I assume you installed GR6? What options in the kitchen did you use? Have you tried reflashing the zip for a second time? Did you see any error during flashing?
  10. Good afternoon to you all, I have some weird poblem. I was making a online payment, for safety the bank sends me a SMS with a verification code. While waiting for the SMS I went to the messages on the phone. This is what I see now: And: Restarting didn't help this morning, any ideas to get it fixed? Maybe when I force another SMS from the bank the other one shows up. Will try that tonight. EDIT: Another SMS with verification code did not pop-up the other invisible one. :( Reset/flash only option left? Thanks for all the help in advance Verstuurd van mijn LG-P990 met Tapatalk
  11. Philips in my experience is, most of the time, just as good as other major brands within the same price range. I have a Philips In-ear (SHE9800) and a headphone (SHP8900) for some time now and they are still doing what they supposed to do.
  12. Rooting with Super One Click 2.3.2 worked :D Had to remove the microSD card and use the alternate ADB Parser.
  13. Just went back to the stock V20m ROM. Now rooting seems not to be working. I tried Super One Click 2.3.1 but that gets stuck (step #7 - Waiting for device) . Is there any tool I can use without modifying the recovery (CWM solution as seen above)? Would love to freeze some apps. ;) Ah I see there is a update coming:
  14. Great! Just waiting a bit longer. Which issues are planned to be solved in GR6? Congratulations on the new house BTW. :lol:
  15. We will wait and see. Probably it will take a long time.
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