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  1. Hello, I suggest to visit xda developer's forum with HTC Flyer. I could make a proper update to HC and then could successfully roll back to GB. There are some experienced users who solved already faced problems by beginners. http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1020
  2. Ok, at least manage to resurrect the device to 2.3.3 I downloaded the PG41IMG.zip, transferred to the root of the MicroSD card and booted. At the bootloader screen, this time it installed the filen and then later asked me if I wanted to update. Said "yes" with vol- and it updated the system after 5-6 mins. As the installation ended, device opened but with 2.3.3 (Previous fw was Turkish ROM with 2.3.4 and with this 2.3.3, Turkish language was available only for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and not for Turkey. Anyway, it is working now as a brand new EU device :) Now I think I have to repeat all the steps again. By the way, your comments are highly appreciated not to face similar problems. EDIT: * Now the baseband has been changed to 20.3501 from 20.3504 * Recovery mode completely gone, cannot enter to CWM * Still S-off * Hboot became 6.10.1002 from 1.11.1003 and cannot get back to old one I tried to re-install HC, but this time failed in radio writing, stuck there. Any idea how to re-install? How to get back to old HBOOT? EDIT-2: * Used RUU_Flyer_HTC_WWE_2.23.405.3_R_Radio_20.3504.30.089BU_3809.07.04.06_M_release_204108_signed if anything could revert back but only updated to 2.3.4 * HBOOT same and still cannot go recovery (first a phone icone with green arrows appear than a phone icon with red exclamation sign shows up), no recovery or CWM, so cannot go anything other.
  3. Dears, Today, I've managed to make the HC update. Until the HTCDEV part, everything went ok, I didn't get any issue. But during unlock bootloader via HTCDEV, it didn't go as the website directed. When I entered "fastboot oem get_identifier_token", I got a msg like this: "... INFO [ERR] Command error !!! OKAY [0.007s] finised. total time: 0.008s" This wasn't normal according to HTCDEv web page, but I somehow went to the next step #15, 'fastboot flash recovery revolutionary-cwm-', again everything seemd ok. Nest step, clockwork mode - recovery THIS IS WHERE I GOT STUCK. When I "click" recovery on bootloader screen it goes to HTC screen and stuck there. I can get back to bootloader screen again by pushing power button long and then vol down - power; but I can no longer continue to CWM, therefore can't flash honeycomb syetem.zip. When power down and vol-down+power to access bootloader menu, switching between fastboot and bootloader, there's a quick screen (it passes so quick that I couldn't figure out completely) where it says PG41IMG.zip not found. So what do you suggest? What's that PG41IMG.zip? Can I continue further or shall I roll back to GB 2.3.4? If so, what's the best way to do it? Many thanks.
  4. kego

    HTC Flyer Bootloader Unlock

    Hello, I'm using GB with my Flyer. To enable GSM, I've rooted it and S-OFF'ed via revolutionary.io. Now the question is, can I still use this official bootloader unlock? Will it affect any ongoing function at the moment? Thanks
  5. Hello One question to HC users in Flyer. As you know there's only two way direction possible with g-sensor, the cam is upside and the other side. In HC, is this still so or you can turn any direction? To my knowledge, there are only soft buttons in HC so theoretically we can turn tablet whichever direction we want. Any comment?

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