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  1. My second Oneplus broke due to the heat. Once the phone gets too hot, the touch screen breaks. Lots of people from Australia have this, Oneplus won't refund me only send me a new one to Belgium... Anyway since I'm probably staying in Aus I wanted a phone as good as the Oneplus for the same price but nothing came close. Except the MI4 wich doesn't have 4G in 64gb model and still costs 60€ more without shipping. Since my ZTE skate is still going, 4th hand by now :P I decided to go back to ZTE and order me a Z7 mini. I hope I won't regret it but €230 is not much and there is CM12 for it allready. Dual sim, Sd slot and better screen. But 1GB less ram, 2ghz snapdragon 801 instaid of 2,5ghz and 2400mah instaid of 3080... I just hope the camera is as good, and the battery still lasts long on android 5.0
  2. Yea but you say it in pounds we use euro so £200 there here it is expected to launch at €299. what brand is yours? I had a ipad 2 because the friend bought a ipad 4 mini on lauch, it was just laying there. I think if you have a 5.5" phone a tablet isnt worth it. I would rather buy a laptop then a tablet I guess.
  3. Yea me too but thats almost €100 more. If my 10 year old sister has to save that she will need a year :P I was thinking about the cube talk x9. Or should she pick the Mipad? She does not care for roms etc ofcourse. I personaly would not buy a mtk tablet but as long as it plays games she whill be more then happy.
  4. My little sisters Tab broke it was a Galaxy S tab yp-g70 and she wants a new tablet (or phone without 4G) for under €200 between 5'5" and 8" mostly for gaming what would you guys choose?
  5. I have the oneplus again now for 2 weeks and I am very happy with it I have no problems with it this time (build date: 20/09/14) :D Since I really don't like the moto g design at all and 5.9 is just to big. The oneplus design is beautiful and cm11 as stock is really nice! Also android L upgrade etc.
  6. ADVERT LINK REMOVED already lists the Nexus 6: http://www.gsmarena.com/motorola_nexus_6-6604.php I would really prefer LG instead of Motorola (Lenovo). IMO the Moto G and X design looks terrible, I would even consider buying a phone with less specs just to have a beautyfull looking phone. Maybe Motorola will surprise me :D The thing is I am using a Samsung Galaxy Ace right now, so the urge to buy a OPO again now is really big but I should just wait a month.
  7. Yea I've seen the specs If it would be based on the LG G3 :D I asked Oneplus to buy a device from them again, I really can't find another phone that I like and its still the cheapest, all my friends that have had the device after 15/07 don't have any problem with it. It has official CM11 it is going to get MIUI 6 and android L guarantied... The only thing I hope is that the multitouch problem also gets solved still that's no biggy for me as long as it does not have unresponsive screen, ghost touches and ghost swipes. If they don't respond its going to be either the Nexus 6 or the MI4 (LTE version) Edit: Or the IUNI U3
  8. 64bit? Make it 4GB ram then haha :P I'm going to Australia the 26th of november so I hope I could get it before then, Belgium has always been late with the nexus devices and the nexus 5 is the only phone you can buy trough the playstore here. And I really need a good reliable smartphone to take there because I wont be taking anything else like a laptop. Only a backpack so hopefully I could have it by mid november.
  9. Yea you are right I should get the nexus 6! Well the ting with the oneplus is you can unlock it without losing warranty all the specs where right and since it has Cyanogen you are sure that it will always have the latest android version. This time I really want a stable smartphone that is ready for the future and that gets lots of development and long android support. I was thinking about buying the Nexus 5 before I bought the Oneplus but, the "small" screen the battery life and camera made me change my mind. The oneplus is way batter then the nexus 5 for less money, but I am sure that the nexus 6 will be a beast. I hope it will be from LG and not from motorola (Lenovo). Snapdragon 805 3GB Ram 5.5" 1080 or 2k 3200mah 5mp front 13mp back. That would be a dream :D
  10. What do you guys think off the ZTE Z7 max? My first device was a ZTE skate a long time ago and I loved it. It even had official CM7. I think the Z7 has great specs for its price the only thing that it is missing is 1GB of ram IMO. I really loved the Oneplus design and building quality, to bad it had the ghost touches and yellow tint. If it would not have had that it would have been the perfect phone for me. Now the thing is I got every cent refunded but I don't find a device that's as good as the oneplus for that money. I would have bought the OPPO Find 7 since it looks allot like the oneplus but it also seems to have ghost touches... :( LINK So I have been looking at the ZTE Z7 max for a while now. Even tough it does not look as premium as the One plus I think its still a great phone almost all the specs are the same to. + Dualsim + Sd card slot - 2GB ram - No NFC (Who cares) - No official Cyanogenmod 11 or MIUI. Do you guys think it will get an XDA or modaco section and official CM11 and MIUI?
  11. Hi guys, Long time since I've been here, how have you been? What phone are you using currently? I have had the Xiaomi MI2 32GB> Xiaomi M2s 32GB> Oneplus One (64GB international). But I had troubles with my touchscreen on both my M2s and my oneplus so I got the M2s repaired under warranty and sold it. I contacted Oneplus to RMA my device from the first week but they did not respond. So I opened a Paypal dispute within the fist 45 days but they still did not respond, after 30 days so I claimed my money back, Paypal chose my side and payed me back every cent. The thing is I really loved the phone, but the unresponsive screen/ghost touches where making me go insane. I can type better on the crappy Galaxy Ace I have now then on the One plus because it registered my touch on the wrong place or swiped... Topic I made about it on XDA maybe you have seen it: LINK So now I am without a good smartphone, and I really love the Oneplus design and price over all the other phones but there customer service sucks! And I really don't want to pay more then €350. Here is my list of phone I would like to have: Nexus 6 (Price unknown) - If it has a minimum of 5.5" and 3000mah. I would love to have a nexus device simply because it will have lots of development Oneplus One (OPO) (€299) - If there comes a new revision with the static electricity issue and the touchscreen issue resolved, this would be the perfect phone I would buy it again without thinking twice. Oppo Find 7 (€470) - I like all the specs of the phone but its €170 more then the Oneplus. The only downsides I find the speakers and that there is less development then for the oneplus but maybe with cyanogenmod on It I wouldnt even want to change. ZTE Nubia Z7 (max) (€465) - I think this is a beast but it also costs €165 more then the OPO, and the same as the Oppo find 7. Witch is a bit out of my price range. ZTE Nubia Z7 (normal) (€300) - This is the same price as the OPO and you get the same except it has 2GB of ram instaid of 3GB. But it does have Dual sim but the OPO's design is mutch better imo. ZTE Nubia Z7 (mini) (€260) - I think this price is great but the battery and display are too small. Also the ZTE nubia Z7 has no section on XDA and I am not sure if it will recieve official Cyanogenmod 11. Xiaomi MI4 - Looks beautiful but no 4G, no 5.5", and no kernel sources = not mutch development and hated on XDA so, I guess thats a no. What do you guys think?
  12. Personally if i where to buy a new phone right now i would buy a nexus 5 or a Xperia Z1. I am still loving my xiaomi m2s but in the future i would want 5" and LTE (4g) But going to another phone i would really miss the 2 system partitions wich makes it very easy to dualboot. I now have WIUI on system 1 and Cyanogenmod on system 2. And i really like that i can switch from time to time.
  13. I really really like the LG G2 :o the ultrathin bezel looks amazing :D I really hope the nexus 5 will be based on that phone. What chinese phones allready have LTE? I dont seem to find any if the xiaomi mi3 wont have tis i will try to find an other phone that will get official MIUI support :D
  14. Yea you cant buy the nexus in belgium the cheapest you can buy it here is: €450 (£380) You can import it from the netherlands for about €350 wich is still more then you payed on launch day. Hardware/Price i think the MI2s still is the best choice, its a shame i dont know anyone who still has an old android device laying around so i dont have to use the iphone 3G because its making me want to tair my hair out :P if you go to google's store: Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet. We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible. Please check back again soon.
  15. €300 for a nexus 5 that would really really suprise me :P Not in Belgium thats for sure, where did you buy your nexus 4? And about the W200 will it get MIUI and how is te performance?
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