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  1. Just got it and well pleased only a few scratches on the screen can live with that rest is minor, it has andriod 2.2 jellyfish RLS9 already loaded and is snappy run's youtube and angry birds really well, not sure if i will need to upgrade this or not. the sound when on the phone isn't 100% but it doesn't bother me can still hear the voice. + as a added bonus it came with a 2gb micro sd card ,wasn't even mentioned on the ebay listing. well happy with it for £46 this is a bargin. now need a case for it. even angry birds rio runs 100% i thought it would be a laggy mess but no.
  2. WOW thanks so much for this i just got one of these ipaq pocket pc's that did nothing, i hit reset and it came back to life i only paid £10 for it lol
  3. Thanks for replys, i will wait until i get it cheers.
  4. Hi, im new here and i won this phone for £46 used but it's in bad condition by the photo lol iv'e never owned a andriod phone before this is all new to me here what seller said in listing, in white. Phone and charger only. Phone is scratched, including the screen, only visable when turned off. Works well, fully unlocked and debranded, speaker when on the phone sounds muffled but apart from that in good working order. No reserve so grab a bargin. Orange San Francisco - White (Unlocked) Debranded Smartphone so can and should i buy a new front case for this phone, or should i leave it as it is,and what about the sound being muffled easy fix or not ? hope i diddn't overpay for this thx. http://imageshack.us...5/sanfranm.jpg/ will a three sim card work in it?
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